If you have gone through the real estate residential project brochures recently, you would have noticed the emphasis on the incremental green spaces in the gated communities. The rate at which urbanization is taking over our cities, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking for cleaner and healthier surroundings these days. It is a paradox if you look at it. We want to go outside our homes to revolutionize and technologize the environment but we want to come back home to a more rustic and a greener feel. Having said that, real estate developers like Provident Housing are taking this responsibility with utmost seriousness and are doing everything in their might to create a greener abode for their residents.

Our projects are surrounded with acres of trees and fauna with large open spaces in every project. However, we also understand that the inclusion of certain greenery-focussed amenities also helps our residents to relax after a tough day of work and also to reduce stress levels. Our aim has been to create Zen-like spaces for our residents and a home you’d love to come back to!

Below listed are a few amenities introduced in accordance with the above said requirement:

Walking tracks and Joggers’ area:

With most of us around the world becoming increasingly fitness conscious, developers are doing their bit to make exercising more enticing. The beautifully paved walking/jogging tracks within the gated communities are an essential go-to for most of the residents. They are helping in recreating the culture of morning fitness regime while motivating the residents to stay fit. You walk/jog, you meet like-minded people and form fitness groups; which in itself is a blessing in our busiest routines where even mingling has become a planned activity.

Developers nowadays focus on creating dedicated spaces built for different activities. An early morning scene in a typical gated community involves residents practising in peace at the Yoga deck, joggers racing each other and swimmers taking an early dip while gym enthusiasts flock to the health club. Each activity happening in its own space and time.

Sports Courts:

Badminton Court at The Tree by Provident

Having just the swimming pool in the complex is so passé. Communities of today have migrated themselves to cricket pitches, basketball, tennis and badminton courts or skating rinks. Remember the time when you had to have club memberships to avail these facilities? How times have changed! Right outside your door are several incredibly maintained facilities urging you to put those sports shoes on and rekindle the joy of team-sports from your childhood. Or better still, instilling the importance of these activities in your kids’ lives. Who says our kids can’t have the carefree yet fit lives that we had? It is just a hop and a skip away!

Senior Citizens Park:

Senior Citizens’ Park

Our senior residents need not worry! Away from the hustle of the regular parks where the noise and activities can get overwhelming, the more reputed builders are now introducing senior citizen parks. Just to look at the elders enjoying their slow walks, laughter sessions or peacefully meditating is priceless and therapeutic. They need their own slow pace of life and these parks are our gifts to them.

Community Garden:

If gardening is therapeutic, community gardening is cathartic. The idea of people mingling together and indulging in gardening is one of the most endearing sights. This brilliant platform helps our residents in reducing stress levels and also empowers our residents with a feeling of togetherness. Amidst all the laughter and constant chatter, the colourful blooms add to the brightness of this place.

Paw Park:

Most of the gated communities are intensively pet-friendly nowadays. With a separate area for your pets, pet owners as well as other residents need not to worry as your furry friends get their own space to hang around without being teased or bothered. Moreover, if you are someone not very fond of pets, these parks are a boon!

Provident Housing has always gone out of its way to ensure the greenest communities for our residents. One prominent example would be The Tree by Provident that is nestled amidst 330 trees! From Provident Parkwoods and Provident Sunworth in Bengaluru to Provident Green Park in Coimbatore ; our main focus has always been on wide and open spaces with the healthiest of surroundings.

We firmly believe in doing our bit to create a better world for all of us!