Gated Communities – Going Back to Our Roots

We, at Provident Housing, would like to describe gated communities as unjointed joint families! If you look at it practically, that is precisely what the gated communities represent. They give you a family of your own without really intruding in your space.

When you think of the times gone by, the things you miss most about big families are perhaps the incessant laughter ringing off the walls, the constant bustle and chatter, the festivals together and a self-sufficient environment. A gated community, in a lot of ways, re-introduces the same elements in your life. No longer are the festivals celebrated alone or your house missing the happy sounds.

Tree by Provident

Apart from developing an emotional connect by giving you a new virtual family, here are a few key advantages of living in a gated residential community:


Picture this. You are rushing out of your office to reach home because you and your buddies have scheduled a basketball match in the society. Or you are celebrating Holi with hundreds of fellow residents and friends, something that you may not have done since childhood. Imagine the comradery these events create for you and your family! Gated communities provide you with an incentive of togetherness.

A Plethora of Amenities

The gated communities of today are self-reliant mini townships that aim to provide you with the choicest of amenities. Be it a marketplace, salon, sports complexes, amphitheatres or even salon and spas; these communities have excelled in making your stay as comfortable as you can imagine.

Elevated Security

Majority of the gated communities are equipped with state of art security devices and are much safer than living in stand-alone houses. This also gives the residents a sense of safety while within the compound. Provident Housing has ensured the best of security at all our gated communities and we invite you to visit any of our projects for a quick feeler.

With our prestigious projects like Provident Green Park, we have tried to build exclusive communities with a ton of focus on green surroundings along with the other benefits. Apart from many a gated community in Bangalore, we have flats for sale in Hyderabad, Mangalore, Chennai, Goa and Coimbatore too.

We intend to provide you with a community that fulfils your life in a way that only a family can and hence our dedication towards gated communities.

Happy Home Buying.