There’s something beautiful about a housewarming ceremony. It’s the start of a new journey that calls for celebration with loved ones. And in India, every celebration has an inseparable aspect. Yes, you guessed it right – gifts! While being part of a special occasion like a housewarming fills your heart with joy, choosing the right gift can also confuse you at times. 

So, are you running out of unique and impressive gift ideas? Well, from the living room to the bedroom, each corner of a house can be enhanced with your gift, a little planning is all that is needed to get it right. We have curated a list of items that would make for wonderful gifts in a new home. Be it kitchen appliances for practical thinkers, sculptures for art enthusiasts, indoor plants for plant lovers, or chandeliers for admirers of fine and exquisite things, there’s something for everyone here. So, just scroll through the list and pick your favourite. 

Liven Up The Living Room & Balcony

The balcony and the living room are what you first see when you enter a house. So, choose gifts that will help create the best ‘first impression’. Here are some options:

  • Indoor plants:  They enhance aesthetic appeal and are also known to improve our physical and mental health by purifying the air and reducing stress. Some options below-
    • Pothos, Money Tree Plant, and Peace Lily can turn the indoors into veritable green sanctuaries and are also believed to be auspicious, as per Feng Shui.
    • Snake Plant, English Ivy, and Bamboo Palm are known to be excellent air purifiers. 


  • Decor items: They are a good idea, but remember, Buddha idols and vases are passé. So, try: 
    • Intricately designed candle stands, crystal tissue boxes, and abstract showpieces can be unique and beautiful gifts.
    • A beautiful sculpture with a tea light holder will undoubtedly be the cynosure of all eyes in your living room and balcony. 
    • A personalised portrait of the hosts is also a good idea. Capture some moments they would like to cherish forever as a family and freeze them in a small frame or a life-size portrait, depending on the space. 

Do Up The Dining Space & Kitchen 

In modern homes, kitchen and dining spaces have transformed into spaces for family bonding – where they spend a lot of time together. Here are some suitable gifts for this zone.

  • An exquisite set of goblets:  These are very usable and also extremely decorative.
  • A lamp/chandelier:  Hang it above the dining table; it will light up the entire space and lend a feel of elegance and luxury. 
  • A set of sparkling champagne flutes:  This is a perfect gift, as it can be used during parties and celebrations. 
  • A high-tea cup set: It will never be outdated, as it is a personal, tasteful gift that almost everyone in the family can use.  

Befitting The Bathroom & The Bedroom 

A bathroom is the most private space in any home, and you can enhance its look and feel with some special gifts. Try these: 

  • Soothing fragrances: They can have a magical effect in the shower – just what you need at the end of a long, tiring day. 
  • A set of exclusive handmade soaps: This unique and useful gift will leave your hosts delighted. 
  • A good vanity tray/cologne shelf: They, too, make for unusual but thoughtful gifts. However, if you are gifting anything aromatic, it’s important to know the likes and dislikes of your hosts.

Like bathrooms, the bedroom is also an extremely personal space. So, it’s important to put in a lot of thought when selecting items for this zone. Look out for these:

  •   A luminous carpet/rug for the children’s bedroom: At an age where tales of magic carpets and flying rugs fascinate them, your gesture will light up their faces. It’s also an excellent night lamp. 
  • A side lamp with book storage: This gift will never be outdated, as it is useful and visually appealing at the same time.

Be The ‘Gifted’ One

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