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In the whole journey that you undergo right from hunting for a new house to actually starting to live in it, the least favourite pit-stop for each one of us is the moving day. Even though the event itself lasts for a day or two, the building up to the day of the event and the aftermath of it, consume you in your entirety. If you add children to this equation, the results can be more horrifying! While your current house seems like an endless hole when you start packing for the sheer number of items it had stored; unpacking them is a lot more stressful because you need to know where does each thing belong.


Always start with the Kitchen

Hold on, we can help. Below are some very basic things that can be done to make the day itself less stressful:

If you can manage, have the kitchen and bathrooms pre-cleaned. Also, arrange the bare essentials before you move. Never underestimate the power of a functional kitchen in a new house! More often than not, your kitchen will need the maximum amount of sorting but if you wait for that to happen, you might lose out on a lot of time. Hence, set up the stove, gas line and other necessities first so that you enter the house with an active kitchen.

Have the installation of utilities pre-booked


Do you realise the amount of time spent installing stuff in the new house? Right from bigger equipment like ACs, TV, Beds etc to drilling holes in the walls for hanging your décor items, installing your OTT provider’s antenna, reinstalling the Wi-Fi line etc; this is the most hassling and needlessly engaging part of moving. We say, book in advance and book such that the installations happen on the moving day itself. This will save you the trauma of getting the house repeatedly dirty and moreover, most of the things will be up and running when you wake up the next day.

Decide on the arrangements beforehand


You have seen the new house, right? And you know most of the stuff you possess. So, start with pre-deciding what goes where. This way, when the couch reaches the new house you are not deliberating where to put it. Or not arguing over which wall should the TV be on. This goes even for cartons. While you are numbering them and writing what they contain, also mention which room do they belong to. You will save a lot of sorting time.

Pack a suitcase yourself

While the packers manage 90% of the stuff, make sure that you pack a bag for yourself and the kids with all the things that will be immediately required. Night clothes, vanity kits, soaps, detergents, cleaning brushes, bed sheets et al. Also, keep in mind the dust that is involved in moving within India and pack extra, we say!

No matter how efficiently you plan it, there is always room for surprises. So, be prepared. Do not let them deter you from the tasks at hand. Focus more on the new memories you are going to make and the new life that is about to begin!

Happy moving-day to you!