Looking for a start-point to tidy up your house? Try the KonMari method.

The fact that Marie Kondo has become such an immense rage, speaks volumes about just how heavily we have cluttered our houses and thus, our lives. Today, we actually need a consultant to re-learn the art of organising and find joy in it. We do not seem to know the way out and to our rescue is the tidying expert, Marie Kondo who started researching and founded her tidying consultancy business when she was only 15 years old. Today at 34, she has become a global phenomenon and has set off a tidying wave across the globe!

By her exceptional and highly effective KonMari method, Marie breaks down the code of organising your house to the minutest of levels. There is always an end to tidying up, she says and the process is repeated. Her first and foremost principle is that your belongings must spark a feeling of joy inside you. Anything that does not make you happy will require purging. But riddance or otherwise, all your belongings must be treated with respect and must be thanked for their service before you discard them. And it is almost surprising just how soul-satisfying this process can be. This is followed by allowing your joy-inducing belongings to breathe and be stored in such a way that they are easy to use and put back.

Does this worry you because you don’t find time to do the daily chores, leave alone KonMari-ing? Don’t fret, here are our step by step learnings from the Guru of order-


Start by categorising:

Marie insists that you start organising as per categories and not rooms. And she insists that you go by this order-

  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Papers
  • Komono
    • Kitchen
    • Garage
    • Bathroom
    • Other miscellaneous items
  • Sentimental Items

So, start by emptying all the racks and drawers into a stack. And now, look for that spark of joy. Else, purge. Any item found in this process that has any kind of sentimental attachment must be kept for the last when your sensitivity to feeling joy is at its maximum.

Respecting belongings

Organized Object

Marie greets and says a little prayer for the house every time she enters a new one. She maintains that your belongings will not be happy being rolled up in one of the drawers or stuffed in a dark, stuffy place. Just like you, they will be miserable too. So, respect them enough to give them the space they deserve.

Good riddance

Donating stuff always brings in joy. Categorise and decide what is going to go where and create boxes accordingly. This also helps you get rid of things that were bought on a whim and are not needed in your closet. You shall see your closets and drawers emptier, airy and much happier. Also, the next time you venture out shopping, you shall come back with something you actually need rather than buying something you have already. And when you finish discarding, let go of those items mentally and emotionally.


Learn to fold

Marie insists that you must hang your clothes less and fold them more. Preferably, compartmentalize your drawers and shelves and vertically fold all items. This method of folding avoids a mess and makes things more accessible. Also, the things that you do decide to hang must be hung shaped like a slope, from short to long or vice versa. You may refer to her folding techniques here.

kimono mari kondo

We, at Provident Housing, resonate deeply with the philosophy of choosing things that bring you joy. And hence, every house we construct is meant to bring only happiness and peace to the residents. We hope that with our spacious and thoughtfully designed houses, you would not need to declutter but if at all you do- Try KonMari!

Disclaimer: The data and information provided in this article are reliable but only suggestive and informative. This is meant to be consumed for general information purpose only.

Marie Kondo’s Netflix Series –https://www.netflix.com/in/title/80209379