Planning to choose the perfect colours for your dream home? This guide has got you covered — from selecting the ideal hues to setting your home’s tone.

When designing your dream house, the choice of colours plays a significant role in accentuating the look and feel of your living spaces. Colours have the power to evoke emotions and set the tone for your home. Depending on the shades you choose, they can imbue a sense of tranquillity or excitement, comfort or passion. By being mindful of the colours used in your walls, furniture, and decor, you can create a space that looks not only beautiful but also feels welcoming and cosy. This piece will walk you through the exciting process of selecting the perfect colours to bring your home to life!

Hue-spiration for your home’s vibe

In 2023, various exciting colours have been forecasted to dominate the interior designing landscape. There are plenty of options to experiment with to amp up the overall aesthetic appeal of your house. Verdigris, a popular hue, blends green and blue to create a refreshing shade that evokes a sense of calm. With its soft and soothing tone, Tranquil blue brings a peaceful ambience to any room. For those looking for a more contemporary option, digital lavender offers a unique blend of light lavender and edgy technology that’s both chic and modern. Luscious red adds warmth and energy to a space, while sundial’s earthy, cosy vibe creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Astro dust is a versatile and sophisticated shade perfect for elevating any space if you want to add a glamour touch. At the same time, galactic cobalt’s intense blue exudes luxury and richness. Sage leaf, a muted green, is ideal for creating a natural and calming vibe, while apricot crush’s playful and vibrant orange adds a cheerful and energetic touch to any room. With such a diverse range of colours, 2023 promises to be a year filled with creativity and excitement in interior design.

The Psychology Behind Shades

Choosing the right wall colours can significantly impact the mood, making it an essential aspect of interior design. It’s important to understand the psychology of colours to create the desired atmosphere. Each of the trending colours for 2023 has its own effect.

Tranquil blue, for instance, promotes a feeling of calmness and relaxation, while luscious red creates a sense of passion and excitement. Digital lavender can evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort, while galactic cobalt suggests futuristic and modern aesthetics. Sage leaf, a muted green, symbolises nature and can promote balance and harmony. Apricot crush, on the other hand, is a warm and inviting shade that can create a welcoming atmosphere.

Verdigris, a blue-green hue, can create a calming and refreshing atmosphere in a bathroom or bedroom, while sundial, a muted yellow, can add warmth and cheerfulness to a kitchen. Digital lavender and Astro dust, a soft grey-purple and beige-grey, respectively, can be used as a neutral backdrop to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in a living room.

A palette that pleases all

To create a cohesive and visually pleasing interior design, choosing a colour palette with colours complementing one another is essential. For a bedroom, consider using tranquil blue as the primary colour for the walls and complement it with a sage leaf and digital lavender accents to promote relaxation and comfort.

In the living room, use apricot crush as the main colour for the walls and complement it with Astro dust and Verdigris accents for a welcoming ambience. Luscious red is an excellent colour for the dining room, which can be complemented with sundial and galactic cobalt accents to create an exciting and modern atmosphere. Finally, use sundial as the primary colour for the walls in the kitchen and complement it with Verdigris and sage leaf accents for a refreshing and cheerful vibe. There are ample permutations and combinations to explore.

Adding a personal touch

Lastly, another crucial aspect of the whole process is how you paint the walls is also an extension of your identity and style. With many DIY tutorials available, why not make it a fun family activity and create your own unique space? By taking charge of the painting process, you can ensure that every brushstroke translates your individuality. So don’t hold back; unleash your creativity and have fun transforming your space with colours!