This is the time of the year when excitement fills the air. New Year, new aspirations and the beautiful environment of celebration. Everything about the holiday season is cherished. And, there is one more thing that tops the chart on almost every list, vacation. Yes, the all-year long wait for this amazing season to plan a vacation and explore new things.

This time, the year-end celebration will be bigger!

Get ready to explore new possibilities by owning a new home that comes attached with a paid vacation. That’s right! It’s time for the Home & Roam Bonanza by Provident Housing. Book a home today from a wide range of properties across India and get travel voucher worth INR 50,000 with every purchase. You can redeem these vouchers on MakeMyTrip and choose from a curated list of holiday plans.

End your year on a high!

The year was filled with bittersweet memories. The world as we knew it changed but we fought with spirit and negotiated with the rough waves. Now it’s time to leap ahead and the time is also ripe causing a ripple effect. The property prices are at a 15-year low and banks have slashed the interest rates to the lowest. Also, stamp duty prices are at the lowest and there are plenty of offers up for grab. It’s the perfect time to invest in a property and begin a prosperous journey towards your new year.

The Provident factor!

Buying a home is a very tactical and thoughtful decision. You check every factor before proceeding and that’s where Provident comes in ticking all the boxes for you to take the much-needed step ahead. Provident homes are thoughtfully created with global brands and intricate design. They boast of path-breaking technology and handpicked locations across the top emerging growth corridors in India. They offer a comprehensive lifestyle with world-class amenities and features.

Investment and entertainment come together.

Are you ready with your bags packed? Your favourite holiday destination is calling. The joy of the year-end celebration will be doubled two-fold because you get this wonderful opportunity to diversify your investment and a paid vacation for endless entertainment. 

Hurry! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity and make the most of your holiday season with Home and Roam Bonanza. Invest in some of the best properties across India starting from INR 26.99 lakhs.