Getting yourself ready for the winter is fairly easy, but getting your home ready for the winter is an entirely different story! So, unless you have some giant turtleneck sweater to drape around your home, read on to winter-proof your home!

Though most parts of India do not get much frost, the northern parts do have their share of chilly nights. There is a lot of diversity in the country’s winter climate with each part having varying degrees of cool weather. The preparation for winter has to be done accordingly.

Winter Lights

For extreme winters in North India – You need to insulate your house professionally to keep all the heat inside.

  • Make sure there are no chinks in the windows or doors which would let in the cool drafts. It is a good time to check if your windows require silicon rubber sealant treatment.
  • Time to get your heaters and radiators out.
  • Layer the floor with thick woollen rugs and carpets.
  • You should also think of layering the drapery; a layer of heavy curtains would prevent the breeze from coming in.
  • Layering also works for sofas where you could throw on a fuzzy blanket for extra warmth.
  • A coat stand near the front door would come in handy around this time!
  • You also need to cover your outdoor furniture when not in use, as the dew formation and the general tend to create moulds and dampness.

For moderately chilly winters of the South – This is the time to cocoon up your home into a cozy den.

Christmas Eve

  • Solar lights in your balcony is an eco-friendly way to welcome chilly evenings so that there are no dark corners when those early evenings creep in.
  • Your indoor plants and balcony flowerpots don’t require much watering this time around.
  • Keep those windows shut to prevent cool, damp drafts coming in and chilling the rooms and floors.
  • Open those curtains during the day and bring in the warming sunshine.
  • Change the bedding for thicker sheets and blankets that can retain the heat better.
  • Keep a warm shawl handy in your living area.
  • Bring out the Christmas lights, pretty lamps and candles that can brighten up your home to create a warm and inviting ambience. It’s the perfect time to celebrate and bring in warmth, health and cheer!