Kitchen is central to every home. The warmest room in a house, it is considered pious by many and needs to be made to perfection. From layout to design, storage to decor, the modern Indian kitchen has to be aesthetically and efficiently done. The decor is as important as the storage in a kitchen, thanks to the open kitchen layout, which is trending big. Even in case of close kitchen you cannot overlook the design and decor element as kitchen these days have become a sit-out place too. With multitasking on every homemaker’s mind, from teaching your kids to managing your office work, there is a lot that happens on that kitchen island. There are also many homes where dinner is laid in the kitchen. So, here are some tips that will come handy in designing the ideal kitchen.

  1. Plan the Design: Think ahead when you plan to design or revamp your kitchen. Give function precedence as you need to be comfortable, while multitasking. There is no shape ideal for every home. Whether you have a parallel, L-Shaped, or U-shaped kitchen just ensure that the sink, cooktop and refrigerator form a triangle shape and there should be not more than 6 feet distance between each for ease of movement. Consider this triangle rule a thumb rule when planning your kitchen design.

2. Storage: The next most important thing is ample storage space. If you thought those corners were of no use, then you need to rethink. You can easily use it as a storage corner to stock-up your grocery or have a pull-out drawer in your modular kitchen. In the kitchen, use every nook and corner, don’t leave that overhead space above the cabinets. Likewise, plan deep drawers where you can easily store pots and pans, and access with ease.

3. Ventilation: The kitchen design has to be such that there is optimum ventilation. Windows in a kitchen are a must as they will ensure natural ventilation. Further, to facilitate ventilation you must have exhaust fan and overhead range hood. These three become essential in an Indian kitchen due to aromatic cooking that involves use of oils and spices.

4. Light: In the rest of the house, you can have light in colour of your choice. But when it comes to kitchen white light should be chosen, and ambient and task lighting need to be treated right. Lights should be positioned in front, so you can work with ease and the shadows don’t distract you. In addition, installing under counter and cabinet lights can be perfect for ease of functioning. Furthermore, during the day you should allow as much natural light to flow in as possible.

5. Colour Palette: The kitchen colours can be chosen from bold to cool, delightful to airy. It completely depends on your wish, if you like that bold, warm tone or a subtle kitchen to welcome you every day. If you want the kitchen to stand apart, then put some effort and have the colour palette along with accent colours.

6. Clutter-Free: Your kitchen needs to be clutter-free, so you can cook at ease. As far as possible, keep only the essentials on kitchen counter tops. The rest of the stuff should be stored in overhead or bottom cabinets. Likewise, the kitchen floor should be kept clean and clear at all times. There is so much multitasking required in an Indian kitchen that a clutter-free floor space is a must too.

7. An Island or Service Window: If you have an island space in the kitchen, then you can serve the food hot on it. Otherwise, a service window can be a good idea. Serve the chapattis and dosa hot from this window. A service window between the kitchen and dining space can be perfect in an Indian kitchen where chapattis, dosas are central in everyday menu.

8. Safety: Kitchen is one place in the house where a lot of accidents can happen making it essential that you keep safety in mind. From rounded countertops to slip resistant flooring, electronic appliances placed at adult height to gas and burner safety rules, these must be considered when designing your kitchen.

9. Trash Disposal: In many Indian kitchens, you have to keep the trash outside. In such a scenario, you can have a garbage bin placed outside the kitchen. But if you want to have it inside the kitchen have a built-in cabin in which you can keep the dustbin and dispose all kitchen trash with ease.

These easy tips will come handy in designing your kitchen. While, every Provident home ensures you get a well-ventilated and well-lit kitchen, you can take care of the other design changes. We at Provident Housing understand the significance of a kitchen in an Indian household and design one of its kinds for you. Our kitchen designs are a fine blend of modern and traditional layout. Get the home of your dreams in an unbelievable budget only at