A beautiful house. Check. Delightfully coloured walls and furniture. Check. Greenery at home. Check! It’s an age of convenience, where even plants are delivered to your doorstep. What, then, can be your reason for not having more of them? The blooms, the colours, the fragrances and the beautiful feeling of having another form of life around you must be reasons enough to entice you into decking up your home with them. Looking for more appealing reasons?

What’s your home’s AQI?

We are not surrounded by the cleanest air to breathe. The AQIs (Air Quality Index) of various cities in India have not quite been exciting in the recent past and while we do our bit outside to make it better, we also need to ensure that our home fairs alright. Did you know, NASA has been studying the effects of plants in improving the air-quality for more than 20 years now? What has also come out of this research is the fact that apart from the pollutants and humidity, plants (especially indoor plants) also absorb a lot of harmful chemicals through the pores of their leaves. Chemicals like Benzene, Ammonia, Formaldehyde etc. that flow into our routines due to the use of plastics and other cleaning chemicals. Want to know more about which plants to grow? Read here.


Happiness, wellness and all things bright

There have been studies that have proven time and again that having plants around you can boost your mental health. Moreover, gardening is a known way of reducing stress and flowers have been known to enhance creativity. Shall we try adding some flowers to your place of work and see if it sparks your imagination? Plants are cathartic and even more cathartic is taking care of them. It is one of the best ways to inculcate a sense of responsibility in your children. It is an activity you can indulge in together and get messy! Did you know there are even community gardens being made today where you and others together can garden in groups?

Design and Budget


Can you beat the joy of plucking vegetables and herb from your own garden for cooking? In this world where organic has become its own brand, you can have your own organic kitchen garden handy! And the amount of money it shall save you will be significant. Moreover, it is the most inexpensive home décor solution available. Nothing can charm up your corners and tabletops like those greens and colourful blooms. Having a self-sustained ecosystem dwelling within your household can be more therapeutic than one can imagine.

Provident Housing has an eye for greenery and that is the reason all our projects are nestled amidst acres of it. We do what we can to make your surroundings healthy and hope that you shall do the same for your homes. Let us join hands in making our houses healthier and happier!

Disclaimer: The data and information provided in this article are reliable but only suggestive and informative. This is meant to be consumed for general information purpose only.