Spring is finally here and that means it’s time for Holi! It also gives you the perfect excuse to spruce up your home and give it a colorful makeover.

Holi is an outdoor festival and when you are decking up your home to celebrate it, you begin from the outside. Start with a colorful rangoli at the entrance. You can DIY it or get a decal online that you easily stick on the floor. Add that dash of color with a bright garland of marigold at the main door. You can also throw in a couple of garlands interspersed with small LED lamps on the balconies to bring in the festive cheer.

Deck up your home

One of the latest trends in décor is to pick an accent color for your wall. Or you can simply add earthy hues to your living room sofa with the help of cushions. You could also have bright colorful flowering pots to complement it.

Painting is not always an option, so don’t worry if the walls are plain. Go in for bright and peppy curtains. That, and now some bright bedspreads would add a ton of personality to the room and reflect the season’s cheer. You can also invest in some ornamental lamps and pendant lanterns.

And what is a festival without some lip-smacking, homemade food? And that brings us to the kitchen! The kitchen has to be bright and airy and the decorations minimal.

Holi Pooja

A couple of flowers in a vase will add to its beauty. And your friends will savor not just the gujiya, the Puran poli or the cool thandai, but will also admire your eye for aesthetics.

Holi-Proof Your Home

If you have small kids or over-enthusiastic adults at home, there is a chance for the gulal colors to wreak havoc indoors. In such cases stains are inevitable.

If the gulal colors used are organic in nature, then they can be easily wiped with a dry cloth. As a precaution, you can also cover your furniture with a transparent plastic cover to prevent staining. It is ideal to apply a coat of anti-stain varnish on the walls. You could move the furniture closer to the walls so that they do not get stained with colors.

We at Provident Housing wish you all a safe, and fun Holi.