Have you heard about ‘upcycling’? Well for the uninitiated, it means reusing old or discarded materials creatively and producing a product of higher quality than the original. Our lifestyle usually revolves around everything coming in neat, separate packaging and that generates a lot of trash; however, not everything needs to be sent for recycling as they can be easily converted into something really cool, functional and aesthetic-looking.

Upcycle this Festive Season!

People use bowls, baskets, tires, jars, cans, milk cartons, old clothes and even hangers for upcycling. With a little bit of imaginative paint and designing, you can create amazing things out of these discarded items. And with the festive season upon us, there are numerous things you can DIY (do it yourself) at home to upcycle items into beautiful decorative items that reduce pollution, make a statement and SO easy to do!

Upcycle 2

  • Make orange peel lamps by pouring a little oil into the skin of half-cut orange peels and enjoy beautiful citrus-scented lamp-light! That was easy, wasn’t it?
  • Put your old torn saris to good use by making ethnic drapes out of them for the festive season or use them as cushion covers or tablecloths…. thus, creating an enticing traditional look with just the right touch of glam!
  • This is also the time when you can make good use of all those cups and cans piling up in your kitchen. You could make hanging garden lamps with fairy lights and painted or decoupaged paper cups.

UpCycle 4

  • Make paper buntings for the front door shaped like mango leaves by cutting cardboard / wrapping paper. Paint them with left-over glitter powder or nail polish to add the finishing touches.
  • Glass bottles are a delight for upcycling as you can paint them, stick pretty stuff on them, add colourful pebbles or drape strings of beads or fairy lights around them. Cut the wine bottle with these nifty tricks and you can use it as diya / candle lantern as seen below!

Upcycle 3

It’s all up to your imagination and this is the time to go all out!