Vibrant colours, diverse prints and relaxed ambience can transform any space into an exotic one. If you wish to experience such fervour in your home décor, then start embellishing it with shades of ethnicity. India is a land with potpourri of cultures and traditions, which makes it unique, rich and vibrant. And infusing these ethnic elements in your home décor will not only give it a unique touch, but exhibit the cultural connect. Stay rooted to your traditions in thoughts and exhibit the quintessential Indian aesthetics in your home décor. Here are some of the ways to infuse a dash of ethnicity in your contemporary homes.

Interplay of Colours & Motifs: Bring ethnic elements to your home décor with colours, fabrics and motifs. You can infuse it in the form of upholstery fabric, cushion or rugs. There are certain colours and prints, which are typical of India and when you add them in these soft furnishings, they instantly do the magic. So, explore upholstery or cushions in mirror work, paisleys and peacock prints in brown, maroon, rust, purple or olive green. Colours have as much impact as the prints and motifs. You can also explore upholstery in handloom textiles like khadi or silk.

Wooden Furniture: Handmade, wooden and engraved pieces of furniture are typical of India. So, bring home some mango or teak wood furniture, which will surely be passed generation after generation. Yes, such is the legacy of these pieces. Impactful, many a times at your home parties, these will be conversation starters. It can be a perfect addition if you wish to create an ethnic Indian décor and can be the focal point of your home décor.

Paintings Speak Volumes: Embellish those walls with priceless, traditional Indian paintings. From north to south, east to west, India has some distinct form of painting or the other and you can literally start checking state-wise. While, Orissa’s Patachitra can be perfect for your room, bring the Madhubani paintings to play in your living room. Want something unusual for your dining space? Then, how about Warli form of art from Maharashtra. And the beauty lies in the way these paintings can beautifully blend with your contemporary home décor or rather enhance their appeal.

Sculptures & Accessories: Antiques, earthen pots, hookahs, sculptures of deities, silverware and the list is endless. Yes, such is the heritage and diversity of this rich country. You can literally have something different and one of its kind for each room and they are truly space transformers. Try adding that Buddha statue in your living room and see how it elevates the room. Perfect and easy makeover means you should definitely give it a try.

The Lantern Magic: So, if you thought you need those big and bold lamps to create the magic in your room? Then, we suggest giving the traditional lantern a chance. It illuminates the room beautifully, while giving that regal touch. You also get lamps shades in Indian motifs and prints. From Ikat to block printing, there is such a wide and vivid variety that you will surely be fascinated.

Decorate your home the Indian way by infusing these ethnic elements. You will be awed with the charm that these colourful, handmade products can add to your home. The rich colours, vivid textures and opulent culture will add to the tranquillity and style of your home. Pick pieces, which will reflect the craftsmanship and dexterity of Indian artisans. While, adding an ethnic touch to your home, they will also add to the appeal of your modern homes, manifold.