Monsoons make you fall in love with your house all over again. It’s the time when all you want to do is curl up in a cosy corner with a hot cuppa. Having said that, it is also the season when the usual abundance of sunlight is missing indoors, and cloudy skies might leave you longing for it. The only 

way out is to brighten up the interiors of your home and make it look and feel cheerful during the rain.   Wondering how? Well, here are some easy and pocket-friendly ideas to do that. The rains are here, so get started!

Light up the corners 

For starters, try enlivening the corners of your house with some bright lights. You can convert a corner into a cosy nook by placing comfortable seating – facing the outside if there’s a window nearby,  throwing a nice rug on the floor, and keeping some beautiful indoor plants. Just snuggle into that chair with a book for company and some steaming hot chocolate when the rains begin. And yes, floating candles, diffusers and fragrant candles will lend a warm, welcoming atmosphere to your home. 

Go Green 

There’s an other-worldly feel to rain-washed trees and plants; monsoons enhance the beauty and freshness of the greenery around us. So, try welcoming nature indoors this rainy season. Ornamental plants, flowering plants, a wide variety of ferns and creepers – the options are many. There are plenty of indoor plants that are easy to maintain and have stunning visual appeal. Adorn your home with a few of these and create a little oasis of green. Anyone who enters your home will feel an instant and refreshing connection with nature. 

Celebrate Colours 

When it’s cloudy and pouring outside, there’s nothing like a splash of colours to make your home look bright and vibrant. Convert monsoons into a colour fest. Be it your curtains, rugs, cushion covers, or bedspreads, store away your pastels for the summers and use bright colours in shades of red, blue, yellow, orange, and green. You can also make your kitchen come alive with multi-coloured mugs and mats. But always make sure that the colours complement each other. 

Declutter During The Downpour

Do you know what’s the easiest way to make a house look open, brighter and more spacious? Avoid clutter. If your rooms are packed with furniture, monsoon is the best time to rearrange it. A minimalist look will light up the interiors of your home to a great extent and also make it look fresh. Decluttering is also important for good health and hygiene. If you have too much-upholstered furniture fighting for space in your home, you have got to take extra care. They are perfect breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria during the rains. 

Having said that, decluttering is never an easy task; it can leave you confused about what to keep and what to discard. So, here are some easy tips: Divide all the items into meaningful, useful and useless. Do not discard items that are meaningful and have sentimental value. Also, keep the useful items that you still need. Donate those (useful items) you don’t need anymore, and finally, throw away the useless items. 

Beautify Outdoor Spaces 

Does your home boast a balcony or a terrace? They are beautiful spaces to enjoy the rain; you can make them monsoon-ready rather easily. To begin with, create a makeshift shelter that’s effective but also easy to dismantle – you can opt for garden umbrellas, mini gazebo tents or canopy tents to protect you from the showers. Always use furniture that’s immune to damage caused by wetness, like plastic and steel. You can add to the warmth of this makeshift shelter by hanging some windchimes nearby. The musical sound of the windchimes responding to the gentle breeze enhances the beauty of the rain and induces a feeling of peace and well-being. 

Monsoon Makeover

Redo. Redecorate. Redesign. The monsoon season is here; this is the perfect time to give your home a mini makeover. Try these easy steps and watch your home sport a brand-new look – all decked up to welcome the rains.