Imagine a home where every day feels like a vacation! A place where you are away from the deafening noises and the giddying pace of city life, yet every comfort of modern life is close by. A sanctuary where you can work in a relaxed and rejuvenating environment and revel in the quiet and calm. You can also choose such an idyllic retreat as your holiday home – a nest you can fly off to whenever you want. No matter which option you choose, the perfect answer is always the same: Adora De Goa, a stunning property developed by Provident Housing. Buy one of these impeccable flats in Chicalim and experience the bliss only Goa can offer! 


Equidistant from North and South Goa and just a 10-minute drive from the airport and NH66, Adora De Goa enjoys proximity to many pristine beaches, buzzing markets and impressive social infrastructure. 

It offers four fantastic apartment options, each equally tempting. Let’s look at what makes these 1, 2 & 3 BHK flats in Chicalim masterpieces of design and planning. 


The Fabulous Four 


Park Residences 

These compact yet ultra-comfortable homes are inspired by the vibrant red-brick buildings of Manhattan, New York. The ultimate in space efficiency, these flats in Chicalim are an ideal getaway for small families and individuals seeking to enjoy some solitude. They feature spacious bedrooms with attached baths, a living room, a balcony, a kitchen and a utility area. Here are four options for you to choose from: Manhattan Condo, Manhattan Suite, Royal Manhattan Suite and Presidential Suite. Each apartment is flawless in design and aesthetics. And guess what? Owning a home at Park Residences can win you irresistible privileges at Park Hotels, one of India’s leading hotel chains.  


Balinese Residences

India’s first spa residences, these flats in Chicalim offer the luxuries and opulence of a top-notch resort. If you are a Balinese Residence owner, you don’t have to step outside your home to indulge in the soothing comforts of a spa. A neck-to-feet massage lounger, an aromatic diffuser, a face steamer, a feet cleanser, and a three-fixture shower panel including a rain shower, mid-body shower and hand shower – every apartment has it all. Owners of these Chicalim flats also enjoy access to many hotels, restaurants and The Blu—Adora De Goa’s spectacular water zone! Balinese Residences also come in four types – Spa Condo, Spa Suite, Royal Spa Suite and Presidential Spa Suite. 


East Pointe Residences & West Pointe Residences

These flats in Chicalim, located at the mouth of the Zuari River and the Bay, symbolise the rich Goan heritage. Buy a 2 or 3 BHK here, and you can enjoy access to the luxury services of the hotel close by. Enjoying a panoramic view of the river, these residences will instantly transport you to a realm of serenity. If you are aiming for a healthy, balanced lifestyle, make one of these apartments your new address. The gentle sound of the river waves lapping and the freshness of the sea breeze will infuse each day with a newfound zest for life. 


Astounding Architecture & Peerless Quality

Goa’s architecture is a beautiful amalgamation of native and mainly Portuguese styles. Cornices, clay tiles, gateposts, columns and use of porcelain are the key features of Goan residences. At Provident Adora De Goa, the exteriors will leave you speechless with their ode to Goan heritage and architecture. A dramatic splash of colours – be it on the walls, the doors or the windows will mesmerise you. And who said tradition and modernity can’t co-exist? The interiors of the homes at Provident Adora De Goa are paragons of world-class comfort and luxury. 


Along with beauty, quality is also paramount in these Chicalim flats.  While the bedrooms and living room look ultra chic and squeaky clean with Kajaria floor tiles, the walls are resplendent in Berger Paints. Anchor makes your electrical switches absolutely safe to handle. While on safety, the front doors are fitted with Yale lock, making these flats in Chicalim impenetrable. Bathrooms look breathtakingly beautiful, too, adorned with fittings from the house of Jaguar.  


Covetable Amenities

The ‘star’ amenity is, of course, The Blu, Provident Adora De Goa’s unique water zone spread over close to one acre. This aqua paradise includes multiple pools, a sunken bar, a jacuzzi, a signature drenching fountain and even a snorkelling zone! With a clubhouse, poolside restaurant, private cabanas and decks located around it, The Blu is always buzzing. It’s your one-stop destination for fun and frolic at Adora De Goa. 


These Chicalim flats will leave fitness enthusiasts spoilt for choice. There is a well-equipped fitness centre, and if you are a water lover, there’s a swimming pool and an aqua gym just for you! Evenings and early mornings can be spent in the skating rink, tennis court or basketball court if you choose to. The modern clubhouse, too, has a host of sports facilities like a table tennis court. And for those priceless moments as a parent, to see your children shriek in delight, give them a ride on the fun aqua slide!   


Provident Adora De Goa boasts another unique amenity – an open-air cinema! It’s the ideal place to celebrate community bonding. And, if you want to keep it special for just family and a few loved ones, there’s also the option of a private cinema! There’s also an option to avail of concierge service and subscription-based housekeeping services. From shopping and dining out to spending quality time with yourself, these flats in Chicalim are tailored to meet all your needs – as an individual, as a family or even as a community member. 


An Enviable Address & An Inimitable Lifestyle

Provident Adora De Goa gives you a rare opportunity to enjoy world-class living at affordable prices. Be it the location, aesthetics, amenities or quality, these apartments in Chicalim boast the best in every category. Goa is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, and by choosing an apartment in this splendid property, you can create your own private haven of bliss. So, what’s stopping you? Come, celebrate the spirit of Goa, celebrate the spirit of true living!