Provident Housing champions sustainable living through innovative solutions, from solar power to EV charging, making a tangible contribution towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow

Have you ever considered how your daily decisions can impact the environment on a larger scale? Earth Hour, which falls on March 25 this year, reminds millions of individuals worldwide of the significance of making eco-friendly choices in their daily lives. Initiated in 2007 by WWF, Earth Hour hopes and strives to build conversations around environmental challenges plaguing citizens across the globe. Since its inception, it has served as a symbolic gesture of solidarity towards our planet by switching off lights. However, this year, it transcends the conventional hour. It illuminates a new vision for the earth by appealing to everyone to go beyond the hour and take positive actions for the planet.

Beyond the hour

We pledge to go beyond the hour by building communities that care for the planet and its people by adopting sustainable practices. We have been championing the cause of conscious living in all aspects of construction for our upcoming projects. From design to execution, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of its developments and promoting a greener future.

Small steps have a big impact

Providing sustainable solutions is one of the key priorities for Provident Housing, and we have taken several innovative measures to reduce energy consumption. One of our most notable efforts is to harness the power of the sun, which allows us to reduce the reliance on traditional energy sources significantly. By incorporating solar lighting in common areas and installing solar water heaters, we reduce the carbon footprint and save a substantial amount of money every year.

Moreover, while the new building regulations stipulate a minimum of only 5% charging points for Electric Vehicles, Provident Housing has gone above and beyond by allocating a remarkable 20% of our car parking space to electric cars. This forward-thinking approach even extends to our multi-level car parking facility, where an entire floor is dedicated exclusively to EVs. By adopting such measures, Provident Housing is leading the way toward a more sustainable future that is both environmentally friendly and economically viable.

We consider environmental responsibility a fundamental aspect of our brand identity. We believe that taking small, pragmatic measures makes it possible to make considerable strides towards a sustainable future. Instead of relying on grandiose gestures, we focus on implementing small yet meaningful changes in our daily operations, which gradually add up to a positive environmental impact over time. By adopting this approach, we are committed to making a tangible contribution towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow, one that aligns with our brand values and mission.

As we approach Earth Hour, it’s crucial to remember that our daily actions and decisions profoundly impact the environment. Provident Housing has been taking commendable measures toward building a greener future by harnessing renewable energy and incorporating sustainable practices, making a meaningful impact in the construction industry. Let’s not forget that the small, actionable steps we take daily to save the Earth will have a significant impact over time.