5 types of landlords who will make you want to buy a house

We have all, at some point in our lives, lived in a rented house and have had the most bizarre conversations with our landlords. They couldn’t care less for you but more often than not, will do everything in their control to make it worse for you. And god help you if you are a bachelor/spinster/live-in couple, he/she will look at you like an escaping fugitive!

So, here are a few types of them throwing their peculiarities at us. Relate max?

The ones with long noses

Beta, itni saari lights? Party hai ghar mein?

“The dude living with you, is your brother, right?”

“Why did you change your maid?
Why do you need a maid?”

Their curiosity sky rockets as
soon as you appear. You can see them peep out of the door every time you go in
or out. If they don’t live around you, they would love to surprise you on
weekends because checking for convenience of visit is just so passé. Curious or
Stalking- they love to play the detective!

The ones who see you as sacks
of money

Firstly, they will take a handsome deposit from you which they might or might not intend to return later. And then, they will bombard you with questions about your salary, investments, etc. And they are relentless to the point that you might just feel that they are going to file your ITR for you, with all that information!

“So, it’s been 6 months since you
started living here. Let’s talk about a rent increment, shall we?”

“But uncle, the agreement says 11

“The agreement also says 1-month
eviction notice, beta.”

The ones who think their
sarcasm is a gift of god

Haan beta, rent dene mein kya jaldi hai. Salary aane ke baad pehle party karo, movies dekho. Hamara kya hai, we can wait for next week”

“Don’t want to get married and
want kids? Sure ma, Lord Shiva will impregnate you from the sky, why not?

“Da, why should you clean the
front yard? You haven’t paid the stamp duty on this property?

Need we say more?

The ones who disapprove
everything about you

These might just be the most common ones. They have a problem with everything you do, in fact, they think you are a big problem. Be it, hammering a few nails on the walls to putting up pictures or painting your room with a wall-colour you like, they will not allow you. They will have a problem with you changing the locks, with you using the allotted parking, with you keeping a pet, you eating non-vegetarian food, or even the fact that you exist!

The ones who are sacred

They are religious. They judge
you for not being like them. Does that explain it?

“Here, some prasad. Wait, have
you had a bath? Don’t come inside!”

“Are your friends Brahmins?
Sorry, we don’t allow anyone else to come inside”

“Why don’t you have a temple at
home? Here, take mine. Do pooja everyday ma, I will come and check”

You might not have the time to
have breakfast, but pooja you will do, because you want a house to live

There are many such stories we
all might have. The bottom-line being, is all the trouble of being restricted
and bulldozed, worth the money you pay as rent? Don’t you crave the freedom
that comes with having your own house and being able to live your life the way
you want to? We get it! And hence, Provident Housing is happy to announce the Freedom Online
Home Festival
– the freedom to choose your life! You can book your house
online between 15th-18th August and save up to Rs. 12.5
Lacs. You may buy an early bird coupon (till 14th Aug midnight) and
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