It wasn’t very long ago when you had first dreamt of your own house and now after the tussles of down payments and EMIs, documents and taxes; you are finally getting the possession! The feeling is unmatched truly but there’s also a doubt- what if you miss checking something before signing off the last time? What if you overlook a thing that’s important and later there’s no one to correct it? It is possible and we, at Provident Housing, resonate with your thoughts.

We take every bit of extra care before handing the flat over to you so that your special day is sorted. However, for your own satisfaction, here’s a list of a few things that you might want to check before you start moving in-

The paper trail- We know there is a heavy exchange of documents in this entire process and it can get a bit overwhelming. Even so, this is an imperative part of the process. Hence, if having a set of legal eyes with you helps, why not? He/she can check if the relevant documents are completed and handed over, like sale deed, occupancy certificate, etc. Also, be sure to take care of the paperwork of the old house too while you are still there. For example, no dues, pending maintenance charges, etc. could be taken care of beforehand.

The electrical array- Please check if all the switches and sockets in the house are doing the jobs that they are supposed to do. Also, if there were any extra electrical points that you had requested for, check if they have been provisioned rightly. Very importantly, the switches must not be direct i.e. live with electricity even when switched off. Look for the fuse box and understand which MCBs control what rooms/devices.

The safety net- Check the locks! And in case you need an extra dose of mental peace, get them changed so that you start brand new. If there are CCTV cameras in the society, hallway, etc; they must be working and so should the video doorbells (if installed). The fire alarm system must be installed and you must ensure that there are no gas leakages.

The walls and beams- Do check for seepages, cracks or termites thoroughly. Go through the in-built units, wardrobes, features and inspect each and everything! The paint used in different rooms must be as promised to you.

The plumbing and tiles- The geysers, taps, flushes and all other mountings in the washrooms must be working properly. The tiles in the bathroom must not be cracked or shabbily placed. The drains must not be clogged and there shouldn’t be any leakage anywhere.

With these few basic hygiene checks, you are sorted! Your new home represents your dreams and must be treated like it. It might be a good idea to be surveying the house while still under development, as well. This will help avoid last-minute surprises. Here’s hoping your new home brings you all the success and peace that you long for!

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