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We are assuming that summer and the corresponding heat has sufficiently reached your homes by now. And since you are aware that using more appliances and electronics is only going to make it worse, we are also assuming that you would like to find more natural ways to deal with the heat. Hence, let us start by growing some plants. Besides, if you are in the process of teaching your children the art and need for nurturing, plants are just apt!

NASA was a step ahead of us in this and discovered decades ago that some plants, in particular, have the ability to remove chemicals like Benzene, Formaldehyde, Ammonia and Trichloroethylene from the environment around us. These chemicals are very commonly found in our day to day lives in materials like plastic, synthetic fibre, air fresheners, heaters, other cleaning liquids etc. The same ability is possessed by the microorganisms that grow in the pots of these plants too. Hence, in addition to keeping the air cooler, they clean it for us too!

Here are some easily available plants that are a must-keep in and around your house- both aesthetically and to keep the rising temperature in check-

Aloe Vera


Bright sunlight is all that this plant needs. It can withstand the hottest summer months and not complain! You may also keep it inside on the windowsill. Aloe Vera naturally lowers the temperature around it and can do wonders for your sunburn too! It is a magic gel, that can be applied to small cuts/bruises, rashes or just be used for the upkeep of your skin and scalp. If you want to go the extra mile, Aloe Vera juice has a number of benefits for your body if drunk once a day.

Peace Lily


Very often used as a decorative/ornamental piece in most houses, Peace Lily is also one of the most resilient. It does not like a lot of sunlight and can adapt to most weathers. Apart from absorbing the air-toxins, it also lowers the temperature around itself. It has minimal water intake and is a very low-maintenance plant. However, it can prove to be toxic for pets/children hence take special care of the placement.



We have all grown up loving these creepers over walls and gates. The sheer vibrancy they add to a house is admirable! They are supposed to be grown only outside and too much water makes them complain, so use sparingly. Apart from enhancing the beauty aspect of your house, they also help in cooling down the breeze around them.

Areca Palm


One of the most harmless and easy-going plants, is the Areca Palm. It can be kept either inside or outside the house with slight exposure to sunlight every now and then. It is one of the most efficient absorbers of carbon monoxide from the environment and also, absorbs humidity thereby making the air cooler. There are no toxins associated with this plant and hence is not a danger around the little ones.

Spider Plant


This remains one of the simplest plants to grow indoors. You shall feel a palpable difference in air temperature with the Spider Plant around. It needs filtered sunlight and is best kept under a slightly shaded area. It is a brilliant absorber of formaldehyde and ammonia. Regular sprinkles of water will keep it sufficiently cheerful.

If you have a terrace garden or a garden outside your home, at times the heat has adverse effects on the plants. One of the tricks to keep them hydrated is to water them after sunset and before sunrise. In the evenings, they absorb moisture better. Else, if you can water them twice, nothing like it. Coco peat, a fibre made of coconut-husk, is also great in improving moisture retention of plants. Alternatively, the good-old mosses can be soaked and left in the plants for soil temperature control.

We wish you and your plants an easy-breezy summer!