Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose house is the smallest of all? Alas! Always feels like yours, isn’t it? And no, we are not going to tell you to hang a mirror on the wall to make it look bigger. Because in case you have not noticed, the mirror also tends to reflect the cumulative mess all around it. So, leave that be in the beautiful images of the picturesque halls on Pinterest. We are here with some more manageable and practical solutions for you! The trick here is to divert focus to things that take the gaze away from the portions that look cluttered. Another trick is also to clean up the mess, but we are assuming you have tried that already.

So here they are, our five golden rules for making your dear home look more spacious-

Let There Be Light


Walls and landings make your rooms look loaded, hence if you have the option to replace them with long sliding French doors and windows; do it! Keep the rooms airy and the curtains drawn to allow as much light inside as you can. Similarly, let the doors and windows be as tall as you can manage. It gives a perception of extended open spaces, especially if you take care to leave them open most of the times.

Be Scarce with the Décor

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Now, we know most of us love collecting those keepsakes/relics from every market we have visited, but hear us out here- keep it minimal. The more you hoard a lot of smaller items in your rooms, the more cluttered it is going to look. Hence, choose lesser items that are relatively bigger and as far as possible, hang them on the walls. Unless you have a penthouse, then you can do what you want.

Make Them Look Up!

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Paint your walls and ceilings with lighter shades is something you must have heard of, but we are saying there is much more that you can do with your ceiling. Put a light-coloured wallpaper all across it. Hang lamps or such décor items that automatically force a visitor’s gaze upward. You shall be surprised at how much space that virtually creates in your mind!

Mind the Drapes

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Here’s our suggestion for the drapes. Chuck them. You can’t? Alright, chuck the darker ones then? You see the more colours and heavy drapes you add to your rooms, the chunkier it becomes. Hence, if at all you need to keep the drapes, choose the lightest of shades and the use the most flowy material. How about you recycle old garments and turn them into a graffiti-style drape? Also, if possible, maintain the same shade across the walls, furniture and curtains. Heavier contrasts make the spaces look smaller.

Let Your Floor Breathe

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Lastly, please do not keep the bulky sofa chairs in your hall. Instead, go for the ones that have longer legs so that the floor below is visible. The moment you block the view of the floor, the space reduces. Same goes for rugs. They are often just existing in our halls for no reason at all. And no, do not remove them from the floor and hang them on the wall now. We decided to keep it minimal, remember?

At Provident Housing, we do not let you feel that your house is smaller because we respect your space enough.

Also, we take special care in designing our houses such that your hunt for such ideas is minimized. Your home is your haven and we excel at making such beautiful, spacious havens for our customers! You can check out our project –Provident Space‘ located on PVNR expressway in Hyderabad.