The idea of smart-storage in India has been quite skewed since many generations now. It basically involves buying trunks and chests and stuffing them with all the clutter. Of course, Indians are quite capable of finding things in that clutter also. We get trained, you see! But in this smart-age we live in, not just our TVs and mobiles but our furniture and home-storage needs to be smarter too.

Provident Housing believes in creating homes and not just houses. And we take utmost care in building smartly planned homes for you. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to suggest a few ways in which you can make your house cleaner and smarter when it comes to storage. Here are a 4 smart ideas for you:

Buy furniture with storage


After a point in life, we suggest for the greater good of your family, please only invest in the type of furniture that has storage built inside. Be it a bed that has boxes, a settee in the hall or even those pretty side tables; you will be surprised at how much can be stored in these pieces of furniture that would otherwise just lie around switching from one table-top to another. These can be used to store books, groceries, blankets, toys and even old clothes, giving your home a neater look & feel. The list is endless.

Hang more, stack less


Ask any intelligent interior designer and they will tell you how important it is to make better use of your walls. Try it in the kitchen and hang your strainers and bigger spoons/spatulas on the makeshift hooks which are easily available in the market. Rather than having heavy chests in your halls and bedrooms, install shelves on the wall to keep your daily essentials. Get pockets installed in your bathroom curtains to put away bathroom knick-knacks and rejoice in a cleaner platform! Install a glass slab on the wall of your washing area to place all your cleaning liquids on it.

A built-in cabinet is a blessing


Be it your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom; cabinets built into the walls are the best way to keep the smaller yet daily-use stuff neatly tucked away. How about having the bar built into your wall? Also, have a vessel draining rack installed on top of your kitchen sink to put away the vessels to dry. Have built-in shelves under the bathroom platform to store your knick-knacks.

Choose height over width


We cannot stress this enough. Always go for almirahs and chests that have a vertical appeal rather than horizontal. You will be amazed at how big and organized the room starts to look. Also, we suggest having tall mirrors on the walls and almirahs instead of a dresser. It certainly saves a lot of space and at the same time makes any area in a house look roomy.

Liked our ideas? Watch this space for more such ideas that help you make your home a better place to live in.

We at Provident Housing are experts at building smartly planned homes with optimum utilisation of Space.