Hyderabad or the city of the Nawabs as its universally know, is a city of contrasts. While you can find cultural and historical monuments at every turn, you will also see signs of the IT development and world-class infrastructural growth. 24-hours can just fly away in this beautiful city!

Biryani Hyderabad

Where to Eat in Hyderabad

Aside from majestic monuments, the Mughal Nawabs left behind the legacy of their famous cuisines including the Hyderabadi Biriyani which you must try out.  And when hunger strikes, head for breakfast at ‘Ram ki Bandi’ which is a dosa haven situated 12 km away, opposite the Karachi Bakery. They serve numerous mouth-watering varieties of dosas; you can pick out the location from the long queues outside. One of the iconic hotels to try Biryani would be the Shadaab hotel which is less than a kilometre away from Chowmahalla Palace and feast on the best biryani the city has to offer! And for dessert, order the Khubani ka Meetha, a heavenly preparation made from apricots.

There is an Eat Street also located here with a variety of cuisines where you can enjoy a nice dinner with the cooling breeze off the lake.

Nawabi Architectural Hot spots

Get inspired by the amazing architecture of Hyderabad’s iconic Charminar. To its south-west is the Mecca Masjid, one of the oldest mosques in Hyderabad; its three-arched façade is built from just one block of granite and creates a stunning sight to remember.

If you would like to wind down for the evening with some bit of history, head to the Salar Jung museum, one of three national museums of India. Inside you will find the wardrobe of Tipu Sultan preserved perfectly, the sword of Aurangzeb, Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings, etc. As the sun’s heat is receding, visit the famous ‘Golconda Fort’ by sunset located about 11 km from the museum. A ‘light and sound’ show begins at the fort at 6:30 pm on most days – try and catch it.

Hyderabad Palace

You can’t leave Hyderabad without buying some pearls, you must visit the shops in Charminar and purchase a souvenir pearl string at least; and located to the west of Charminar is the ancient Laad or Choodi Bazaar which is still in existence and you can find numerous varieties of bangles and other jewelry here. If you aren’t too famished yet, you can walk to the nearby Chowmahalla Palace – a synthesis of many architectural styles; much like Hyderabad!

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