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Get the Best Single Bedroom flats in Capella – Allow Us to Weave Your Nest of Dreams

The 1 BHK apartment in Whitefield for sale is worth a buy for the people of the present generation. It offers all the modern facilities like yoga centers, retailing malls for purchasing daily groceries, barbeque grills, public clubhouses for the people practicing various side activities on a professional level and also the game zones for children. If you want all of these, then you can give a thought regarding the flats in Provident Housing at Capella!

Features of the 1 BHK Apartments

You would need enough reasons to choose a 1 BHK apartment in Whitefield for sale. Fortunately, the below points highlight the various features which you can enjoy at ease if you choose Provident Housing to be the apartment for you. Look at the following points:

  • A Clubhouse:

    Can you imagine a fancy life in a complex which has got a separate clubhouse? If you have got kids or children along with you in the apartment, then Provident Housing can be quite entertaining for them. It has got a kid’s firm or floor for having fun activities, varieties of games, mind boosters, etc.

  • A sport’s Library:

    One of the best salient features of Provident Housing is the sport’s library or Boomerang in simple words. It has got a huge collection of modern technologies, fun activity kits, etc. If you ever had a dream to use robotics and subjects of science, drones, sports kits, etc, then Provident Housing is the best place for you. You can borrow anything from the library whenever you want and return it to the same spot when you are done using it on time.

  • The Adventure Bowl:

    It is more of a sports club where kids can experience and practice various sports and fun activities like cycling and skating. It is a center of fitness where you can get involved in various sports and also let your child turn in the club for enjoyment and getting out of the boring days of life. You can opt for other sports as well like cricket, football, badminton, tennis, etc. The stuff you carry to the adventure bowl can be either yours or you can borrow them from the Boomerang. If you borrow the kits from Boomerang, then it is also your responsibility to return the materials back on time.

  • KnowHow Zone:

    Another best feature that your kids can experience in the complex is the KnowHow zone in the clubhouse. The Clubhouse is not only the place of fun activities but also the place of fun learning. The clubhouse has got features that you can use for learning varieties of subjects via e-learning procedures in the clubhouse. You can also take private tuitions with ease from the professional instructors at the clubhouse. The e-learning procedures make it easier for the children as well as for the grown-ups to learn new things faster and in a way so that they never forget.

  • Fresh Air Tower:

    One of the best features of 1 BHK apartment in Whitefield for sale in Bangalore is the fresh air tower. When life becomes boring and suffocating from daily work routine, you need to grab some air out of your home and make yourself relaxed. Similarly, if your child needs the same type of mental peace and physical rest, then you can go to the fresh air tower. As the name suggests, it is a tower in the complex which helps you enjoy fresh wind all the time where natural winds keep on blowing for its alluring height in the complex and the best one among all the buildings present.

  • Tracking devices:

    Children’s pure hearts are natural gifts of nature but those are also signs of immaturity. When you leave him or her among a crowd of other children, you need to keep an eye on him always which is practically impossible. The complex brings in suitable suits with tracking devices for you to track them wherever they go without any fear.

  • Fun activities:

    If you take an apartment in the Provident Housing complex, then you should also be aware of the fun activities which you can do in the complex like diving into the swimming pool, play cricket on a separate cricket pitch, play football in a separate footfall ground, etc.

Besides the above features, you can also get access to the party lawn where you can arrange for barbeque nights and enjoy the greeneries of nature with Aroma gardens and herb gardens. Go and book your property now!


Club House

Jogging Track

Children's Play Area

Cricket Practice Pitch

Tennis Courts


Swimming Pool

Basketball Court

Forest Trail

Paw Park

Meditation Deck


Table Tennis

Landscaped Garden

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