Expression of Interest

I/We ("Applicant(s)”) understand that Provident Housing Limited ("Company") has invited submission of Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the purchase of residential plot(s) in its real estate project, Provident Woodfield respectively; collectively referred to as the project, By submitting this expression of interest, together with the amount payable, I/we confirm my/our interest in purchasing plot(s), as per choice(s) mentioned below, which plot(s) I/we agree to purchase at the time of Project launch, subject to confirmation of allotment in my/our favour and on such terms and conditions as stated in this EOI, the allotment letter (if allotment is confirmed) and agreement to sell. My/Our preference of the unit(s) is as follows:


Plot Dimensions

Plot Dimensions in SFT

Indicative Price Range*(Standard plots)

Amount Payable (per plot along with EOI)

No. of Plots

1 30X40 1200 Rs 36.99 L to Rs 39.99 L Rs 1 Lakh + PDC of Rs 2 Lakhs
2 30x50 1500 Rs 46.99 L to Rs 49.99 L Rs 1 Lakh + PDC of Rs 3 Lakhs
3 40x60 2400 Rs 73.99 L to Rs 76.99 L Rs 1 Lakh + PDC of Rs 6 Lakhs
4 Odd Sized Plot ~650 to ~1050 Rs 21.49 L to Rs 33.49 L Rs 1 Lakh + PDC of Rs 2 Lakhs
5 Odd Sized Plot ~1051 to ~1450 Rs 33.99 L to Rs 45.99 L Rs 1 Lakh + PDC of Rs 3-4 Lakhs
6 Odd Sized Plot ~1451 to ~2400 Rs 45.99 L to Rs 75.49 L Rs 1 Lakh + PDC of Rs 5-7 Lakhs

* Indicative price is the estimated price of the plot and in case of premium plots, the same would be higher by Rs. 250/- per sqft to Rs. 500/- per sqft and Rs. 2,00,000/- towards Club House Membership. Legal fees, advance maintenance charges, Deposits and all other statutory charges including but not limited to, registration charges, stamp duty, GST, municipal taxes etc., are not included and are payable as set out in the agreement to sell

I/We understand that this EOI is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned below. Submission and acceptance of this EOI does not, in itself, confer or create any rights in my/our favour, and shall not be construed as a confirmation of allotment in my/our favour. Acceptance and/or rejection of this EOI is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Company. I/We also understand that areas mentioned above are indicative and shall vary as per the plot chosen by me/us. All plans shown to me in marketing collaterals are artistic representation of the complete development which consists of multiple amenities of a mixed-use development developed in a phased manner and regulated in accordance with applicable byelaws, rules or regulations. Facilities and Amenities that will be ready and available in these Projects shall be described in the agreement to sell and I/we agree that all plans/layout I/we have seen are artistic impressions and/or digital renderings that may not represent what the Projects will look like once fully completed. I/We hereby authorize PHL to present and encash the Cheque/Demand Draft enclosed along with the EOI. I also understand that if I/we decide to withdraw this EOI prior to signing of an application form or the date of issue of allotment letter in my/our favour whichever is earlier, the Company shall refund the amount paid by me/us in full, without interest, within a period of 60 days from the date the Company receives my/our written withdrawal of this EOI. Consequent upon such refund, the Company stands absolved of all liability to me/us in relation to this EOI.

Non – Binding Expression of Interest for the Project Provident Woodfield

(RERA Regn. Nos : PRM/KA/RERA/1251/308/PR/200211/003268)