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By on August 5, 2019

Most of us in India growing up, have an aspiration to be a home- owner;  to own a house which provides us with a feeling of being independent and assures long term security. Over the past years, there has been a burgeoning demand for mid-income housing. To meet this aspiration of teeming millions, in 2008 we launched Provident Housing Limited, to offer premium affordable homes with efficient design, effective utilisation of space and crashing construction timelines through innovative construction methodologies. ‘Housing for All’ became a mantra for us long before it became the Call-to-Action that it is today.

Today, when I look back at the journey of Provident, it certainly brings a smile on my face to know that more than 10,000 families have trusted us as their of choice of a home builder, and we continue to grow strength to strength! We have always taken a holistic approach by blending socio-economic facilities/amenities with a robust form of construction. With over a decade’s domain expertise, we have always focused on providing value and prioritized buyer sentiments while building new projects; which has put us ahead of the curve.

Recently,  RICS in association with Knight Frank published a report on “Affordable Housing- Know your customer”, which highlights the key factors homebuyers consider while selecting an affordable housing property. The research was based on interaction with home buyers both current and future, on various factors relating to affordable housing, across 15 Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. Their decision in choosing a home is based on various parameters such as – Reliability, Trustworthiness, Brand Awareness and Brand Visibility.

The report calculates the customer satisfaction score with respect to brands and it is very heartening to see Provident right on top with a score of 9.5. This certainly adds credence to our farsightedness and differentiates us from the rest. We have also scored the highest (92), on the Delivery Track Record scale;which speaks volumes about our integrity and timeliness of delivery.

In this sector driven by sharp competition & dynamics, we have managed to carve out a unique position of our own. None of this would have been possible without the unabating support and hard work from all our teams. Here’s to many more!



  • During trying times, inspiring stories not only fuel our strength but also give hope for a better tomorrow. Let's keep our spirits high and #StayPositive. 
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  • Given the current situation, we want to ensure that our customers are able to book their dream home in a safe environment. Provident Housing presents BOOKMYHOME, a secure online portal that helps you book your home without having to step outside! 
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  • Let's take a leaf out of the books of inspiring leaders who have showed us the power of positivity even in trying times! 
Let's all #StayPositive and spread hope. 
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  • Given the current situation, we want to ensure that you are able to book your dream home in a safe environment. Provident Housing presents BOOKMYHOME, a secure online portal that lets you book home without having to step outside!

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#SafetyFirst #BookMyHome #BuyHomeOnline #ProvidentHousing

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