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By on February 10, 2020

What does one want from an investment of any kind? The answer is simple, growth on investment. You, as an investor of real estate, understand market volatility, forces of demand-supply, the paucity of land, importance of amenities; but at the end of it what you are bothered about is the yield on your investment.

At Provident Housing, we endeavour to provide you with investment choices that are not just affordable and luxurious, but we go one step ahead and create choices that ensure good returns on your investment. Case in point- Balinese Residences, Dabolim, Goa; offering you holiday homes
inspired by the concept of Balinese Spas.

Here are 5 of the many financial benefits of investing in Balinese Residences

Dabolim, the micro-market-
Until a couple of years ago, the maximum property appreciation seen in Dabolim was up to 30%. In simpler words, the price you pay for your property today is likely to increase by 30% by the end of next year. Even though the growth rate will keep changing, what is significant to note here is that the growth is imminent.

The location perks-
Owing to its location, i.e. a 10 minutes driving distance both from the international airport and the Mumbai- Kochi highway, Dabolim has become an investment hub. Located in close proximity to the best of colleges (BITS
Pilani, MES Colleges) and with a number of exceptional hospitals like the SMRC hospital, Balinese Residences has got you covered . With multi-lane bridges connecting Dabolim to North Goa, the scope of growth of this area is high.

Advantages of letting it out
Did you know as many as 41 lakh tourists visit Goa year on year? If you are considering Balinese Residences as a second home, you may want to consider letting it out or having it listed under a service like Airbnb that ensures a rental income. With a rental yield of close to 4.5-5%, a place like Balinese Residence is sure to fetch you the maximum Return On Investment in a year. In addition to being a secondary source of income, this helps avoid keeping the property idle.

Tax Benefits for your second home
As per the Income Tax Act, 1961, the interest on a home loan for the second home that you buy is deductible under section 80C, up to Rs. 2 Lakh for both homes (after possession). Also, the rental amount you earn from the second home is also deductible as per the standard 30%.

The NRI angle
There has been a huge influx of NRI investments in Indian real estate, $10.2 billion in 2018. There is a huge opportunity here if you want to rent out/sub-let or even consider reselling of property in Goa, with huge profit margins.

Go ahead and invest where the money lies and also, #InvestInTheBest with Provident Balinese Residences!




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