Ready to Move in Apartments in Mysore Road

In the earlier days of partition, Bangalore was assigned to Mysore state, the land of magnificent palaces and royalty, but in 1956, it became incorporated into the state of Karnataka. The road named after the city of Mysore has a lot to offer the citizens of Bangalore as it’s a relatively peaceful area with lots of greenery and placid water bodies around it, so much so that once you are in this area, you might even forget that there is a concrete and steel jungle called the city center, located not too far away!

Bangalore is the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India, the biggest exporter of IT products from India. Numerous MNC companies and new start-ups have their headquarters here and are a magnet to people trooping in from all parts of the country as well as quite a few people from abroad too. This immediately brings to mind the housing needs of a growing population; but the real estate industry here is doing a grand job of providing these homes and the skyscape of this growing city is full of multi-storied buildings.

Provident Sunworth | Ready to move apartments in Mysore Road | Ready to move flats in Mysore Road Total Price : Rs. 49.20L ONWARDS*

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These apartments have been designed for holistic living and to use to make the best use of natural lighting,leaving a very minimal carbon foot print. They are ideal for anyone looking for premium leisure and lifestyle experiences.

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Ready to Move in Apartments in Mysore Road

Bangalore city is the third most populous city in the country and is the second fastest growing city, making you wonder what exactly it is about the city that’s attracting people like bees to the honey pot here. It could be something to do with the great job and business opportunities to be found here or it could be related to the beautiful mild weather; in 1927, Bangalore was also labeled as the ‘Garden City’, so a love of beautiful nature in all its natural colors of blues and greens could also be one of the attracting factors. Or it could be just a mix of all these factors put together!

The lifestyle in Bangalore is also very different, with the luxury quotient being much higher and people preferring the high-end sectors for everything including their homes. The bar for luxury apartments is definitely a notch or two higher in Bangalore with premium builders like Provident Homes chipping in with numerous affordable luxury apartment complexes that pamper the buyer no end, especially with their world-class amenities that keep you so occupied that you don’t ever feel like leaving your home turf! The ‘Provident Sunworth’ apartments has well-designed 2BHK and 3BHK premium homes for the discerning buyers, and are ready to move in. A home on Mysore road is a luxury in itself, so don’t delay if you are a home-buyer….

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