Goa’s real estate sector outperforms other markets for second homes in the country, with the optimal range for property acquisitions typically falling between Rs. 1-3 crores. Over the recent years, Goa has undertaken substantial investments in upgrading its infrastructure, encompassing the construction of new highways, bridges, and airports. This concerted effort has facilitated seamless travel to and from Goa for tourists and investors.  

Among Goa’s most popular investment destinations in Chicalim. This picturesque town with lush landscapes and tranquil surroundings attracts investors for many reasons. Located in Central Goa, it perfectly blends natural beauty and modern conveniences. Its strategic location between North and South Goa makes it an ideal hub for those seeking easy access to both parts of the state. Let us look at the biggest advantages of Chicalim more closely.


Proximity to Airports:

One of the notable advantages of Chicalim is its close proximity to the Goa International Airport, situated just 3.5 km away. This strategic location ensures convenient travel for residents, making domestic and international destinations easily accessible. The seamless connectivity to the airport serves as a significant asset for those with a penchant for travel or business commitments, adding unparalleled convenience to the vibrant lifestyle of Chicalim.

Connectivity to Beaches:

Chicalim offers residents the luxury of being in close proximity to some of Goa’s most famous beaches. Enjoy weekends filled with sun, sand, and sea as popular destinations like Candolim Beach (less than an hour away) and Colva Beach (a short drive) are easily accessible. The convenience of reaching these renowned beaches amplifies the allure of living in Chicalim, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation. Embrace the coastal charm of Goa right at your doorstep in the tranquil town of Chicalim.

Top-Notch Social Infrastructure

Chicalim boasts a range of amenities that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. From educational institutions and healthcare facilities to entertainment options and job hubs, Chicalim is designed to enhance the quality of life for its inhabitants, creating a well-rounded and convenient living experience.

  1. Education: Families residing in Chicalim have access to reputable educational institutions, including Airway Public School, Little Flowers Kidzee Preschool, Mount Litera Zee School, and Regina Mundi High School. MES College and the Birla Institute of Technology & Science further contribute to the educational landscape.
  2. Healthcare: The town has reliable healthcare facilities, such as Parulekar Hospital (2.5 km), Salgaocar Hospital, and Pai Hospital (7 km). These facilities ensure that residents have access to quality medical services when needed.
  3. Employment Hubs: Chicalim’s strategic location makes it a favorable residential choice for professionals, given its proximity to job hubs like Cipla (12.2 km), Goa Industrial Development Corporation (23.7 km), Delhivery corporate office (27.9 km), and MRF Limited (34.4 km).
  4. Recreation and Spirituality: The central location of Chicalim allows residents to enjoy a high Entertainment Quotient (EQ). Access famous beaches like Colva, Dona Paula, Calangute, Anjuna, Candolim, and Baga, along with historical and spiritual sites like the Bom Jesus Basilica and various forts, all within a short drive.

A Goan Paradise

Because of its growing popularity, Chicalim is home to many premium townships. Adora De Goa, a prestigious residential township developed by Provident Housing in Chicalim, Goa, offers unique flats in Chicalim with a blend of luxurious living and the vibrant charm of Goa.

The township comprises multiple phases, each meticulously designed to harmonise with Goa’s aesthetic while incorporating modern architectural elements. The homes reflect a fusion of Goan outside and modern inside, offering a perfect balance between traditional aesthetics and contemporary living standards.


Luxurious Living Choices and Cultural Riches Near Adora De Goa

Adora De Goa presents a variety of living options, including Park Residences inspired by Manhattan, Balinese Residences with spa-like features, and East Pointe & West Pointe Residences designed for modern living. The project also introduces the concept of subscription-based hospitality services inside the apartments in Chicalim. The Bom Jesus Basilica, renowned for holding the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, is just a 30-minute drive from here. Many other historical sites like the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Chapora Fort, Fort Terekhol, Gateway of the Palace of Yusuf Adil Shah, and Reis Magos Fort are also relatively close.

World-Class Amenities and Cultural Exploration

Residents of Adora De Goa have the privilege of enjoying world-class amenities, including a 1-acre water zone with multiple pools, aqua slides, a lazy river, and more. The Blu Water Zone offers a luxurious retreat complemented by a poolside restaurant and private cabanas. Additionally, the project features a high-street coffee shop, restaurants, spa, and boutique shopping, creating a self-sufficient and vibrant community within the township.

A Dream Home

Goa has become a sought-after destination for people seeking holidays, permanent residences, and real estate investments. Many people buy properties here and give them on rent to tourists or convert them into homestays – both lucrative options. Embrace the best of both worlds in Goa’s vibrant and picturesque landscape with Provident Adora De Goa. This township presents an unmatched living experience in the heart of Goa, where the fusion of local culture with modern amenities creates an idyllic setting. Whether you seek a permanent residence, a vacation home, or an investment opportunity, these apartments in Chicalim offer the perfect blend of Goa’s charm and contemporary living standards.

Project Overview

Homes at Provident Adora De Goa are the perfect mix of efficient design and planning with abundance of features for the extra ordinary living and to indulge you in better life. Provident Adora De Goa brings you a home that is nestled in the peace and tranquility of the sea breeze that encapsulates Goa.

A state that is be speckled with Portuguese architecture and countless beautiful beaches makes Adora De Goa the perfect vacation home for you to Refresh, Relax and Rejuvenate.

A home dedicated to offering a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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The Perfect

  • Vasco - 3 km
  • Airport - 3.5 km
  • Panjim - 24 km
  • Travel time to numerous hotspots to reduce significantly because of new elevated multi-lane bridge across Zuari & Mandovi rivers.

  • Cipla – 12.2 km
  • Times of India – 23.4 km
  • Goa Industrial Development Corporation – 23.7 km
  • Delhivery corporate office – 27.9 km
  • MRF limited – 34.4 km

  • Parulekar hospital – 2.5 km
  • Pai hospital – 7 km
  • Salgaocar hospital – 7 km

  • Colva beach – 19 km
  • Dona Paula Beach – 25 km
  • Candolim – 35 km
  • Calangute Beach – 36 km
  • Baga Beach – 38 km
  • Anjuna Beach – 42 km
  • Reliance trends – 3.5 km

  • Airway Public School – 1.1km
  • Little Flowers Kidzee Preschool – 5.4km
  • Mount Litera Zee School – 4.6km
  • Regina Mundi High school – 7.6km

  • MES college – 0.5 km
  • Birla Institute of Technology & Science – 2.9 km

1, Sy.No.198, Zuari Nagar, Vidhyanagar Colony, Chicalim, Goa - 403726

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You needn’t worry about either of these. These flats in Chicalim have many good educational institutions and healthcare facilities nearby. Not just colleges and schools, there are even excellent pre-schools for your little ones near the township. Some of the names are Airway Public School, Little Flowers Kidzee Preschool, Mount Litera Zee School, and Regina Mundi High School. As regards colleges, MES College is just half a km away from the township, while the Birla Institute of Technology & Science is at a distance of 3 km. When it comes to hospitals, Parulekar Hospital is at a distance of 2.5 km, while both Salgaocar Hospital and Pai Hospital are 7 km away.  

Courtesy of its central location, it’s easy to travel to most tourist destinations from this township. Chicalim.  Almost every famous beach – Colva, Dona Paula, Calangute, Anjuna, Candolim, and Baga, among others – are close by. Goa’s beaches are buzzing with fun – beach parties, night markets, lounges… you can explore them every weekend! There’s also good news for those spiritually inclined. The Bom Jesus Basilica, renowned for holding the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, is just over 30 30-minute drive from here. The Basilica is one of the seven sites known as the Churches and Convents of Goa, which enjoy UNESCO World Heritage Status. Many other historical sites like the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Chapora Fort, Fort Terekhol, Gateway of the Palace of Yusuf Adil Shah, and Reis Magos Fort are also relatively close.

The township has housing ideal for families of all sizes – they have 1, 2, and 3 BHKs. Impeccably designed with many amenities, these are indeed homes like no other. 

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