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Buying 2BHK & 3BHK Flats For Sale In Mangalore Has Never Been Easier!

The city of Mangalore is often recognised as an important business centre and a perpetually growing hub of trade of commerce. The favourable policies of trade have further established its reputation as a preferred destination for pharma, IT, global and BFSI firms in India. The emergence of Real Estate business in this chief port city of the Indian state of Karnataka can be attributed to the consistent performance of commercial and residential land areas. The city carries a rich cosmopolitan culture that accommodates diverse fields of knowledge and interests to be explored.

The flourishing real estate trends make it ideal for finding your dream home, standing in the picturesque landscape of the peaceful city. Sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat mountain ranges, this important industrial, commercial, educational, and healthcare hub garners a lot of interest from homebuyers, looking to invest in a flat for sale in Mangalore.

All you need to consider while looking for 2 BHK Flats for Sale in Mangalore

  • Social and Physical infrastructure

    The physical and social infrastructure of a particular area play a major role in delivering exquisite living experiences to the residents each day. It is always advisable to choose a locality which carries immense potential for growth and development. Besides the far-reaching commercial advantages of the city, Mangalore also has a lot of educational institutions and healthcare facilities. One must choose from all the 2 BHK Apartments in Mangalore after due consideration of the social and physical infrastructure of the surrounding area.

  • The Vibrant Shades of Nature

    Life on a hilltop is beautiful. It’s calm and peaceful as you live off the bounty of nature. Top floor 2 BHK Flats in Mangalore can provide a spectacular view of the greenery around. Your balcony could be your sacred space to admire nature’s magic, each time you step out. Underneath the expanse of vast blue skies, you can admire the shimmering beauty of the sands, beaches and glittering waters stretching as far as the eye reaches.

  • Privacy

    It is your right to own your privacy. You must look for an apartment where the locality and surroundings seem promising of your privacy. Choosing an apartment on the top floor can offer major relief from exterior disturbances as you ease into your everyday life. Your privacy must be of utmost importance in any life circumstances.

  • Clean Air and Environment

    The presence of trees ensures a pollution-free environment and clean air. Trees act as a liver for the ecosystem and improve air quality in direct and indirect ways, providing a pollution-free environment to live in. Amongst all 3 BHK apartments in Mangalore, the ideal one is which is designed to ensure ample sunlight, allowing excellent cross-ventilation and natural light across the apartment. The presence of vast open spaces should bring you home to fresh air away from the pollution of the city.

  • Security

    Before shortlisting 2BHK flats for sale in Mangalore, security is a major factor that must influence your final decision. A lot of people tend to buy homes in high-rise areas because these apartments are believed to be less prone to theft. Some housing complexes have motion sensors and security cameras installed to ensure the whereabouts of passers-by. The security management system is planned such that all the floors are secured with zero chances of theft and burglary.

  • Social Life

    A high-rise building standing in a housing complex enables convenience in socialising with neighbours. Each new encounter is a chance to make new friends while you cherish the old ones. Every new friend brings along moments of happiness to create everlasting memories. Your social well-being is preserved in conjunction with respect for your privacy. In larger residential communities, all the festivals are celebrated in unison through events, functions and games.

  • Range of Amenities

    A comprehensive combination of diverse amenities enables you to pursue an artful life each day. With amenities across the spheres of sports, arts and lifestyle, your home can really nurture your inner soul and ensure overall mental and social well-being. A lot of 2BHK Apartments in Mangalore offer necessary services like maintenance, trash collection, moving services etc. There is a vast range of amenities beyond the delivery of these services like a gym, terrace pool, badminton court, basketball court, jogging track, pool table, table tennis, creche, children’s play area, supermarket etc, helping to deliver a balanced life.

  • Urban Glitter Vs. Peaceful Nature

    When on the lookout for 2 BHK Flats in Mangalore, it is important to secure a perfect balance of the pleasant natural environment and the urban glitter. The pristine beaches offer soothing getaways from the shackles of city life while the grand complexes restore the everyday hustle.

‘Skyworth’ promises the urban glitter with the natural hues of beauty, every day!

When it’s about your dreams, the sky is the limit. Reaching for the skies and beyond, at Provident, we have brought to you flats for sale in Mangalore that stand on a hilltop in Derebail reflecting the spirit of the infinite skies.

Presenting Provident Skyworth, a lifestyle residential project by Provident in the peaceful city of Mangalore. Provident Skyworth offers premium yet affordable 2 and 3 BHK flats for sale in Mangalore city that are ‘ready-to-move-in’ for you today. Designed to match your unique lifestyles, these high-rise homes deliver diverse world-class amenities. From gym to swimming pool, supermarket to creche, there is something for everyone at Skyworth.

The location of the project allows you to draw onto the commercial advantages of the city as it is well-connected to all major places of interest. The distance of a flat for sale in Mangalore at Provident Skyworth is merely 5 kilometres from the railway station and 8 kilometres from the airport. Easy connectivity and convenient accessibility for travel are one of the highlight features of Provident Skyworth with a lot of educational and healthcare institutions around the area.

Situated 300 feet above the sea level on a hilltop, a constant calm surrounds the silhouette of the project, offering a getaway from the bustling city life.


With Skyworth, our decades of experience have reached the beach sands of Mangalore city to offer premium and affordable living spaces in the serenity of nature. If you are looking for a flat for sale in Mangalore, Provident Skyworth is here for you!


Club House


Multipurpose Hall

Swimming Pool & Change Rooms

Meditation/Elder's Corner

Jogging Track

Half Basketball Court

Cricket Pitch

Children's Play Area

Badminton Court

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