Transform Your Home into a ‘Zen Space’

Your home is your ‘Zen Space’. Whether you are on a holiday or out on a business tour, your personal space remains your home. Altering a few essential elements to make you feel calm and blissful is always a good option, however, it does tend to get a bit overwhelming. It’s not necessary to consult an interior designer but is surely advisable if you’re planning to dramatically remodel the house.

We have a few suggestions to help you convert your home into a ‘Zen Space’.

 “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions” – Pablo Picasso

First and foremost thing to do away with are dark coloured walls. Your walls must radiate an aura of positivity, calmness and joy. What makes it even more delightful, are colours which bring out the dark spaces, you never knew existed earlier. Pastel colours like lavender, Ivory, Aqua blue, ocean green and white, can perk up the entire house, adding peace to your life.


The second thoughtful addition is to smartly use a good wallpaper. These days, you can get custom printed wallpaper that can be made to suit your taste. But if you’re looking for something interesting on a budget, pick out your wall decals – available on leading online shopping websites. Decals can add instant charm to your walls whilst keeping it tidy. From Buddha to chirping birds to musical notes, you can find a whole bunch of decals online.

But not just the four walls, you can embellish your ceilings in a way that creates a visual impact. Adding stunning lighting fixtures is a sure way to make the room look bigger and more lively. Cosy, earthy and zen, you can pick up lighting fixtures from your local market or pick simple paper lamps that are available online to create an impact on a budget.


Now that you’re done with the basic look and feel of your space. You can start filling out your home with interesting additions. For starters, when choosing furniture, you can eliminate straight lines for smoother and more organic shapes. You can mix up your favourite pieces of furniture that grab attention instead of shopping for a store bought look.


But no zen space is complete without a generous helping of greenery. Go to the local nursery and speak to the gardeners about low maintenance indoor plants that you can integrate into your living space. If you’re opting for white, browns or blue as a colour palate for your home, then you can choose succulents or bright colour fiddle fig plants. Chic and colourful! Listening to your heart and doing what makes you happy is what makes all the difference in the world.

ZenHome7-ProvidentHousing-NewYear2019Thoughtful and distinct additions to your homes can help add remove clutter and create a peaceful ambience that’s essential to zen. Creating a warm an inviting space that reflects your personality is essential to your well-being.


Zen is not just about decorating your walls but creating a warm and interesting room that fills you with joy. Choosing layered textiles, unconventional artsy pieces like sculptures and painting, along with interesting coffee table books, artsy vases, a mix of plants, many soft pillows of different sizes complete with tassels and fringes are perfect to usher in freshness and a cool zen look.