Top 5 summer weekend getaways from Bangalore

Looking for ways to beat the heat this summer? Pack a bag, we say. And let us head into the unknown to explore, experience and discover ourselves a little more. South India is a basket of hidden gems when it comes to serene towns tucked away in the depths of greenery and if you are stationed in Bangalore, the city gives you convenient access to all of them.


Here are our top picks for a few weekend getaways from Bangalore-


A little over 200 Km from Bangalore, Yercaud is a misty, old town and one of the most peaceful hill stations near Bangalore. Yercaud used to be a former English colony and the remnants of the architecture and the old-world charm are nestled in every nook and corner of the town. It is situated on the Shevaroy Hills and is home to massive spice and coffee plantations. The best way to explore Yercaud is to just start your journey with no destination in mind. As you twirl around the hills with those lovely pepper vines gawking at you, you are bound to start loosening up a little. Sit in the softening sun with a book, looking at the beautiful Eastern Ghats or go exploring the plantation trails or the colonial structures, Yercaud is a place that makes you its own.

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Wayanad district can be reached from Bangalore via road or even train, the distance being ~270 Km. Usually used as a quaint pit-stop between Mysore and Bangalore, Wayanad is home to the very famous Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. So, if you are game for some Jeep Safari adventure, grab those cameras and be ready to inhabit the wildlife for some time with co-inhabitants like Langurs, Wild Beers, Peacocks, Sambars and the likes.

There are also those exquisite mountains, endless paddy fields and plantations and a feeling of seclusion you just can’t get enough of.



You can’t tell Pondy has become a huge travel destination in recent times, because the first things that strike you about it, are the spotless streets and beautifully intact architecture. Heavily influenced by French culture, Pondy is on its way to meet the new-age culture while still containing the lovely charm to it. If you are not planning a visit to Auroville, we would suggest you take as many strolls along those unknown little streets as you can. Pondy is cathartic with its colours, blooms, French cafes and its colonial vibe is something you can’t get enough of.


Munnar is a bit over 450 Km from Bangalore but each Km covered on the way to Munnar is worth it! We suggest picking a place on the outskirts of Munnar since the main city itself is very commercialized. But the further away from the city you venture, the greener it gets and you feel like the Ghats have enveloped you in the enchanting clouds and mountains. It is one of the largest tea-producing places of South India and glistens in all its glory.

Visit the tea factory, museums, temples or just park in one of the plantations and gaze at the beautiful sky bound mountains; Munnar is a place you can’t easily leave.

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Skip the likes of Ooty and Coorg and travel close to 300 Km to reach Coonoor, which is one of the three hill stations in Nilgiri. This a perfect weekend getaway if your aim is to just relax in one of the heritage houses or guesthouses while soaking in the mountains and valleys. You must stick to upper Coonoor if peace is what you desire. Coonoor is the kind of place that will inspire you to grab a cup of coffee, choose a book and just lose yourself. The quietness around this place is mesmerising. If you do not wish to sit idle, there are enough options to explore like hikes, plantations or treks.

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If you do not wish to wait for the long weekend, here are some of the more enchanting roads to explore within Bangalore.

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