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Provident Deansgate: Stunning Manchester-Inspired Villaments in North Bengaluru

Have you ever imagined a lifestyle that offers the comforts of apartment living and the luxuries of an independent house? Sounds too good to be true? Well, welcome to the world of Villaments ! A Villaments is a home/building with multiple floors that shares one or more walls with adjacent properties. Each unit comes with a separate entrance and a private backyard/terrace. They are extremely popular abroad, including in the UK and the US, and are now gaining popularity in India as well.

As per recent research, the luxury home market in India is buzzing, particularly in the post-pandemic scenario. Of the 3.65 lakh homes sold across the country’s top seven cities last year, around 18 per cent (almost 65,680 units) belonged to the luxury category. This love for ultra-luxury homes among the upwardly mobile Indians definitely bodes well for Villaments. So, what makes them the ultimate dream homes?

  1. Splendid In Terms of Space
    Space is a rare privilege, especially in our crowded Metros and the high-rise apartment homes’ culture. But not if you opt for a villament. These dwellings are as spacious as independent homes and even possess a much-coveted luxury – exclusive outdoor space attached to each unit. Imagine a backyard where you can grow your own vegetable patch or a huge open terrace which you can transform into your own haven of bliss. Ever dreamt of gazing at a starlit sky in your garden with your family? A villaments could turn that dream into a reality in this world of high-rises. Provident Housing, one of India’s most reputed developers, is offering stunning Villaments on IVC Road at Devanahalli, North Bengaluru. Inspired by the British city of Manchester, Provident Deansgate is spread over 16 acres. It features vast expanses of greenery and mesmerizing red-brick homes.
  2. Privacy: Of Paramount Importance
    Privacy is crucial for a person’s overall well-being, but it is scarce in our cities, overcrowded with
    people and buildings. Villaments are like a breath of fresh air because privacy is intrinsic to villaments living. The villas in Devanahalli have independent entrances, private outdoor spaces (backyards) and even terraces. There are no windows, doors or balconies facing each other, which ensures minimal invasion of privacy. You can create your own world of uninterrupted peace and bliss in villaments.
  3. Cost: A Crucial Point
    With villaments, you can enjoy the pleasures and privileges of villas and bungalows, but they don’t cost as much. On the other hand, a villaments enjoys more UDS – Undivided Share – than apartments. UDS signifies the portion of land – on the plot on which the structure has been built – belonging to a flat owner. The more the UDS, the higher the value of a property. In other words, a villaments will fetch you more value. Also, villaments are developed in a horizontal pattern, with fewer units on a vast area of land. Apartments are vertical developments, with many units occupying an area of land. In a villaments project, there’s a lesser density of both buildings and population. For example, there are only 288 villas in Devanahalli at Provident Deansgate, spread over 16 acres.
  4. Alluring Amenities
    Meant for the high-income group, villaments are always part of premium projects. They boast an array of enviable upscale amenities and open spaces – another aspect that adds to their allure. Clubhouse, well-equipped gym, jogging track, children’s play area, bowling alley, squash court, lap pool, yoga deck, vast green spaces… there’s something for every age group. Opt for a villaments, and you’ll reward yourself with a remarkable opportunity to enjoy the best of fine living with premium amenities!
    Some other amenities that these villaments in IVC Road boast are a Sports Lounge, Squash Court, Pergola Terrace, Cobble Stone Pathway, Manchester Square Fountain, Mini Soccer Field, Bicycling Track, Lawn with Informal Seating, and Nature Trail.
  5. A Secure Sense of Community
    A sense of community is key to our holistic well-being. It meets our social, practical and emotional needs – instilling a sense of safety and security, enhancing a feeling of togetherness, inculcating sharing and acceptance, or learning from multiple perspectives. The best part is villaments offer all this without invading individual space and privacy. Whether celebrating every festival together or enjoying an evening of banter and board games, these residential communities are all about bonhomie and belonging. At the same time, they are havens of serenity where you can also enjoy blissful solitude.
  6. A Home for Aspirational People
    Villaments are ideal for the upwardly mobile urban Indian willing to pay for an exclusive, luxurious lifestyle and an enviable address. They are a good option for those with young children, as there’s the luxury of open space. Villaments provide a private, extremely safe environment for your little ones to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. You can even organize a mini picnic for them in your own garden! The availability of private outdoor spaces can also help people connect with nature by indulging in a bit of gardening. Vast green spaces are mentally uplifting and encourage people to be more physically active. Villaments are especially ideal for families with pets (especially dogs). Instead of staying cooped up indoors most of the time, they, too, can revel in the freedom of open spaces.
  7. Convenience: A Cardinal Factor
    Maintenance is one of the most arduous tasks in every home. A well-maintained home is like a well-manicured lawn – it exudes positivity and cheerfulness. In villaments, you enjoy absolutely no responsibility regarding the maintenance of areas outside your own home. They come with acres of common areas and amenities, the upkeep of which will be managed by residential associations. In short, villaments offer an irresistible opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of a detached home with half the responsibilities. Can it get better than that?
  8. A Slice of Manchester in Bengaluru
    North Bengaluru will soon be home to a one-of-its-kind villament development – Provident Deansgate. Situated just 10 minutes from the Kempegowda International Airport, the location boasts top-notch social infrastructure and bustling IT hubs. An epitome of serenity amidst a thriving, rapidly developing urban locality, these villaments in North Bangalore beckon you with a unique opportunity to upgrade your living.