Love the pitter-patter raindrops and getting drenched in the rain or simply enjoying a hot cuppa coffee in your living room, while gazing at rain? We all have our own ways of enjoying the rain. But after a while, the dull, grey skies forcing you to stay indoors make it boring. This makes it important that you make your home rain ready. Yes, make it bright and beautiful and take some measures to have it clean, so you can make the most of this lovely season. Get soaked in the rain, sip-in your ginger tea, call for those home parties or simply let-in the breeze to calm you.

Here are a few tips that can help you in getting your home rain ready, so you get to enjoy the monsoons.

A Splash of Colour
Bring bright colours to play everywhere at home. It’s time to get those red, yellow and greens to make in roads in the form of cushions, rugs and linens. Decorate your sofa and layer-up your bedroom with colourful cushions. There is something about cushions they make the space cosy and comfortable instantly, and when it is monsoon the colourful cushions are sure to play a cosy, colourful therapy.

The Windows take Centre Stage
Gazing at the rain drops or sipping your cup of favourite tea by the window becomes an everyday ritual during monsoon. So, your windows take the centre stage. Make them colourful and bring those sheer curtains to play. Yes, that monsoon breeze is truly refreshing and gaping at the rain drops meditative. This makes it essential that you give your windows a makeover, this monsoon. Colorize them and go for translucent curtains, so you can make the most of the rains whenever you desire.

Get the Greens Inside
Some of your plants will not require that excessive rainwater every day. So, bring your outdoors indoor and get that green ambience. You can also bring some indoor plants and decorate it throughout your home. Plants help you with clean air, controlling odour and bring-in positive energy.

Make the Most of Nature
Nature comes out most beautiful during monsoons, so make the most of it to unleash colours and fresh fragrance at home. Get fresh, colourful flowers and decorate your vases attractively. The red roses and lilies will instantly enliven your home

Aromatic Candles, A Must
If you were thinking of bringing home those aromatic candles, then now is the time. They will keep the damp smell at bay. Serving a dual purpose of lighting and spreading fragrance, aromatic candles are a must during monsoons. Light them during monsoons and set your date nights at home.

Keep it Clean
Along with these decor elements, keeping your house clean and sanitised is essential during monsoon. So, if you add those plants and flowers, change the water every day to keep mosquitoes away. Further, in your endeavour to keep the house clean, it is essential to add doormats outside main door and every balcony. And do not forget to keep a basket near the foyer or entrance where umbrellas and raincoats can be kept.
Infuse these decor elements and follow basic cleaning-up to make the most of rains this monsoon season.