It is a fast-dissolving belief that vacation homes are the luxuries of the rich and famous. They are an ideal and the perfect escape from the monotony of routines and the taxing city life. With each year that passes, the disposable incomes are increasing and the quality of lives is improving, so much so that we can now afford these kinds of luxuries that not only make perfect investment sense but can also help us generate income.

Vacation homes have brought in a new trend both in the real estate and tourism industries. No longer are holidays about struggling for a good deal at the hotel you always wanted to experience. This is because most of the amenities in those hotels can now be made available right in your vacation homes along with the ideal privacy that you yearn for. Need more reasons to invest? Read on-

Your own place of Zen

Your vacation home can be anything you desire. It can be away in the mountains or by the sea and greenery; it can be a stand-alone house with your own farm and yards or a part of a community wherein you have access to many relaxing amenities like pools, spas, etc. while still maintaining proximity to everything necessary. Your holiday home can be what you want it to be because it is the place where you’d come to get away from the hustle-bustle of a mundane life and get rejuvenated.

A secured investment

More often than not, a vacation home will be your second house purchase and located in an area which is only mildly touched with the complexities of a metro city. And hence, it makes for an all the more lucrative investment knowing that there are hefty chances of the property appreciating considerably.

An additional source of income

Since you shall be holidaying only a few weeks of the year, it makes a lot of business sense to keep the property open to the concepts of homestays, time-sharing and renting out. This will compensate for the EMIs that you might be paying for the property as well as generate additional income for you. And as you may discover, finding people to look after these properties is not a very difficult task either.

When you think of vacation homes, what better place to think of than Goa! The serene sea, year-round festive feel, lovely food, welcoming locals and very well-developed infrastructure make it one of the best holiday destinations. Provident Housing has come with the most uniquely themed residences in Dabolim, Central Goa- Balinese Residences. Inspired by the Balinese Spa and the need for it while you are on vacation, the whole community has been designed with an aim to help you and your family unwind and rejuvenate. These vacation homes offer a spa inside your home which offers you with a massage lounger, an aromatic diffuser, a 3-fixture shower panel and many more such amenities that will make you feel pampered enough to never set your foot out of the home. It is also very strategically located and is just 10 minutes from the International Airport. Making for a perfect staycation, Balinese Residences make you feel like you are on holiday at your own home. And grandly so! Isn’t that what attracts tourists too? The inhouse Balinese Spa is a USP that can be enjoyed by you or by the people whom you rent your premises out to, equally.

We’d like to invite you to come and be a part of our family!