Everything has to be perfect for your child from day one. And just overnight, you start looking at everything around you from a different perspective. The safety of your child becomes your primary concern.

We bring you 5 important tips to keep in mind when preparing to make your home CHILD ready.

Is your home safe for your child?

First things first, scout the area. Look at everything from with a new angle. What may be normal for you could be a hazard for the child. Think small and plan for a couple years in advance, for your child is going to keep you very busy.

Target the red zones

Light switches, door knobs, stove knobs, sponges, dish rags- believe it or not, these are all problem areas.  Cover all the sharp edges, and block all open outlets with furniture or safety plugs.

All the small stuff

Do you have indoor plants? You should vary of having one in your kid’s room. Check the kid’s room floors meticulously and keeping things organized would help as toddlers and young adults tend to pop anything they find into their mouth. If you have pets, be extremely careful that your child does not venture to the places where you keep pet food or their litter boxes.

Kids Room India

Caution with furniture

The sharp edges could hurt your kid as he or she moves around, or if they are too light, could topple over them. Always remember to close doors or cupboards once your baby starts moving around.

Be ready for an emergency

Even if you take all the care and attention, there are times when things may go wrong. It is ideal to keep a list of all the emergency numbers handy. Ensure your first aid box has all the necessary medicines.



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