Bangalore, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, has consistently attracted people from across the country, drawn by its excellent job opportunities and vibrant cultural scene. South Bangalore, in particular, has emerged as a preferred location for professionals and students alike due to its well-developed infrastructure and social amenities.

Nestled in the heart of South Bengaluru, Kanakapura Road stands out as one of the best locales, offering a perfect blend of urban convenience and natural tranquillity. This vibrant area is witnessing rapid development, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a thriving community with modern amenities.

Amidst this dynamic landscape, Provident Park Square welcomes you to a special place where smart investments and luxurious living seamlessly converge. These homes redefine modern living on Kanakapura Road, making Provident Park Square the preferred choice for individuals and families looking to settle in South Bengaluru.


Discovering the Path: Location Insights and Accessible Routes

Provident Park Square provides easy access to Thalaghattapura Station, which is merely a 5-minute drive away, while Silk Institute Station is just a brief 10-minute distance. Adding to the allure, the Kengeri Railway Station, approximately 9.8 km away, significantly amplifies the accessibility of this prime location. Close to Provident Park Square, Janaswekar Public School is 2 km away, Sri Manjunathaswamy Vidynikethan is just 0.8 km, KSIT Polytechnic College is at a distance of 3 km, and City Engineering College is located 6.4 km away.

The connectivity web extends to vital locations like Banashankari Circle (8.5 km), Outer Ring Road (7.5 km), Nice Road (1.8 km), and nearby bus stops (0.1 km) and auto stands (0.7 km), making Provident Park Square not just a home but a central hub for a well-rounded lifestyle, seamlessly blending convenience with natural wonders and educational institutions.


Clever Investment Strategies: Expanding Perspectives Beyond Standard Limits

Provident Park Square emerges not just as a residential haven but as a strategic and astute investment opportunity in the thriving real estate market of Kanakapura Road. These 3 BHK apartments in Kanakapura Road transform the idea of homes, adding value to the growing real estate landscape. Positioned in a vibrant hotspot for ongoing real estate development, Kanakapura Road’s rising property value aligns with Bengaluru’s growth trajectory, making Provident Park Square a substantial and lucrative choice for investors seeking opportunities beyond traditional residences. Provident Park Square proves to be a wise investment decision for those keen on capitalising on the dynamic momentum in the real estate market.

Unmatched Amenities: Crafting a Life of Luxury

Now, let’s explore the beating heart of Provident Park Square – its incredible amenities. Envision a vibrant array of activities catering to every facet of your lifestyle. This community is crafted for a holistic living experience, offering everything from sports facilities to a dedicated play area for kids.

Picture kicking off your day with a game of tennis or basketball on the multi-sports courts, followed by a refreshing jog on the dedicated track. If relaxation is on your agenda, take a dip in the swimming pool or break a sweat in the gym. These amenities aren’t just added perks; they define the essence of our 3 BHK flats in Kanakapura Road.

With a micro mall, clubhouse, meditation centre, and an assortment of amenities, Provident Park Square goes beyond the confines of traditional residential living. It’s not just a home; it signifies an investment in a lifestyle seamlessly intertwining contemporary conveniences with sophistication, promising a living experience that transcends the ordinary.


Crafting a Sustainable Future: Where Comfort Meets Conscience

Integrating sustainable living practices, Provident Park Square harmoniously incorporates eco-friendly features such as rainwater harvesting, waste control systems, and more, fostering an environmentally conscious community. The implementation of energy-efficient lighting not only illuminates the space but also significantly reduces its ecological footprint, reflecting a commitment to a greener and more responsible lifestyle. In essence, Provident Park Square goes beyond traditional living spaces by embracing and actively promoting sustainable practices for a healthier and eco-conscious living environment. 


Affordable Luxury: Provident Park Square’s Value-Packed Homes and Lifestyle Investment

In the midst of Bengaluru’s thriving real estate growth, Kanakapura Road emerges as a flourishing locale, and Provident Park Square welcomes you with attractive pricing options for your dream home. These signify an investment in a lifestyle that offers not just good returns but also an outstanding living experience.

Now, wondering how to secure your ideal residence at Provident Park Square? It’s straightforward! Visit our website, click “Book My Home,” and follow the easy steps. Our dedicated team is prepared to assist you promptly, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free path toward homeownership.

A Future of Refined Living: Beyond Four Walls

Make smart investments and relish in the lavish lifestyle offered by Provident Park Square’s 3 BHK apartments in Kanakapura Road. Immerse yourself in a community that not just transforms the way you live but also enhances the spirit of contemporary living, guaranteeing a perfect mix of comfort, style, and convenience. Step into a place where life reveals itself in vibrant colours, assuring a lifestyle that surpasses the usual.

In conclusion, Provident Park Square isn’t just a residential project; it’s your gateway to a lifestyle that combines convenience, activity, and a promising real estate landscape. Make the smart choice – invest in a home that offers more than just four walls.

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Project Overview

Provident Park Square is a world-class residential project located in the prime area of Judicial Layout, Off Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. Spread across 20 acres of land area, Provident Park Square offers 1, 2 & 3 BHK homes sized from 529 sq. ft. to 1314 sq. ft. with luxurious in-home features as well as amenities at great prices. For those seeking quality and luxury living, this project is your ideal choice to experience exceptional living.

Payment Plans

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The Perfect

  • Banashankari Circle - 8.5 Km
  • Outer Ring Road - 7.5 Km
  • Nice Road - 1.8 Km
  • Metro Station - 1.2 Km
  • Bus stop - 0.1 Km
  • Auto Stand - 0.7 Km

  • Forum Value Mall - 5.7Km
  • Arena Mall - 4.1Km
  • Metro Cash and Carry - 5.8Km
  • D’mart - 1.8Km
  • Vega City - 10.6Km
  • Tata Chroma - 3.3Km
  • Empire restaurant - 3.5Km
  • Absolute Barbeque - 3.3Km
  • Barbeque Nation - 3.6Km
  • Adyar Ananda Bhavan - 3.4Km
  • Banashankari Temple - 8.5Km
  • ISKCON Krishna Leela Theme Park - 5.2Km
  • Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Art of Living - 5.9Km
  • Marikamba Temple - 2.6Km
  • Shree Vajramunishwara Temple - 2.5Km
  • Pratyangira Devi Temple - 4.5Km

  • Sri Kumaran’s Public School - 1.1Km
  • Delhi Public School - 6.1Km
  • Valley International - 4.5Km
  • Yashasvi International School - 1.1Km
  • Alpine Public School - 6.4Km
  • Jyothi Kendriya Vidyalaya - 6.6Km
  • Jnana Sweekar Public School - 0.9Km
  • Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra - 7.5Km
  • National Public School BSK 5th Stage - 6.1Km
  • Deeksha School - 0.3Km
  • Presidency School Banashankari - 5.9Km
  • Vidyashilp School - Banashankari - 2.4Km

  • KSIT Engineering College - 2.8Km
  • CREST (Centre for Research, Education, Sadhana and Training) - 9.4Km
  • Yellamma Dasappa Institute of Technology - 4.4Km
  • Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering - 6.3Km
  • APS institutions - 12.7Km
  • Jyothi institute of Technology - 5.1Km
  • RV College of Architecture - 5.2Km
  • KSEM Engineering & Architecture College - 0.3Km

  • Cura Multispeciality hospital - 4.9Km
  • Cloud 9 hospital - 3.2Km
  • Shankar super Speciality Hospital - 2.3Km
  • Astra super Speciality Hospital - 5.4Km
  • Sagar Hospital - 7.6Km
  • Apollo Hospital - 10.8Km
  • Manipal Hospital (Upcoming) opp to Metro Cash and Carry - 5.9Km
  • Vasavi Hospital - 6.9Km
  • BGS Global Hospital - 9.6Km
  • Fortis Hospital - 9.8Km

  • Subramanya Arcade - 13Km
  • Kalyani Magnum - 10.9Km
  • Global Village Technology Park - 10.6Km

Judicial Layout, Kanakapura Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560062

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When it comes to buying a home, easy accessibility to healthcare facilities tops the list of priorities. The 3 BHK flats in Kanakapura Road excel in this regard as well. There are many well-known hospitals around Provident Park Square, including Cura Multispeciality Hospital, Cloud 9 Hospital, Shankar Super Speciality Hospital, Apollo Hospital, BGS Global Hospital, and Fortis Hospital.

There are many spots of tourist interest near this township. The Kanakapura Road Corridor is home to Thalaghattapura and Kaggalipura lakes, which are ideal for a short picnic. The Krishna Lila Park, situated on a hillock and spread over 28 acres, is another popular tourist attraction. Apart from these, Kanakapura Road boasts many streams, parks, and waterfalls, which make for perfect quick getaways. If you are staying in Provident Park Square, there will be no dearth of leisure options for you.

Provident Park Square offers a strategic location on Kanakapura Road, connecting to key landmarks, educational institutions, and recreational destinations. Its design caters to discerning investors, providing not just a home but a promising investment opportunity in a thriving real estate market.

Yes, Provident Park Square is dedicated to environmental consciousness. The development incorporates energy-efficient features and eco-friendly infrastructure, encouraging a mindful and sustainable way of life for its residents.  

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