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The last year and a half have changed our lives in unimaginable ways. One of the most common feelings that people have experienced is being stuck in their surroundings. As the world seems to be more uncertain than ever and the possibility of things going back to normal, a hopeful yet distant future, people have started to change their life in accordance with the new normal. With work from home becoming a more permanent fixture in their lives in the near future, people are expanding and experimenting with the definition of home. Many people took advantage of the newfound freedom to work from anywhere by taking long vacations. Goa, the party capital of India, emerged as a favourite in terms of such getaways. This has given rise to a new trend — vacation homes: a perfect solution to today’s hybrid lifestyle. Provident Aroha Goa offers 3 BHK apartments for sale in Goa that will make you feel like you are on a holiday every single day.

Step Outside Your Home And Into Your Dream Vacation

These branded homes are located in the project’s most thrilling feature, “The Blu,” which consists of multiple pools, a sunken bar, a snorkelling zone, a jacuzzi, and the iconic drenching fountain, among many other amenities. There is also a clubhouse, a poolside restaurant, private cabanas and decks all around the pool to make sure that you always end your day on a high note. To give you the real vacation experience, the project offers lifetime privileges on room tariffs, food and beverage discounts throughout The Park Hotels and Zone by The Park Hotels, as well as concierge service and subscription-based housekeeping services.

The Best Of Everything

These 3 BHK apartments in Goa will melt away all your stress of the day as you enjoy countless amenities and exquisite experiences right from the comfort of your own home located in Central Goa. The houses are fitted with the best choices in interior design with outstanding labels such as Schneider fixtures, Berger home paints, Yale door locks, Kajaria tiles, Grohe and American Standard fittings. A concierge service and subscription-based housekeeping services will ensure that nothing takes away from your ideal vacation experience. Privilege vouchers from The Park Hotels for customized designer interior solutions for the homes are another plus. These homes are the perfect place where you can unwind and rejuvenate from the stress of boring everyday life.

Why These 3 Bhk Apartments For Sale In Goa Deserve Your Investment?

Gone are the days when vacation homes used to be an exclusive concept for the select few. Nowadays, everyone wants to experience the best of everything and they have the tools to make it happen. These homes can be versatile assets that you can use as you desire. While you can enjoy these homes to your heart’s content to escape the drudgery of everyday life, you can also offer these homes for rent when you are not using them. Goa is a tourist favourite and the pandemic has people itching to be able to take some time off and relax in a safe and comfortable environment. So not only will these homes serve as a safe haven for you and your loved ones to create wonderful relaxing memories, but it is also a financial win-win.

A Never-Ending Vacation.

Do you remember the sad feeling that you get sipping on the last drink on the last day of your vacation, thinking about when you will be able to do it all over again? With these 3 BHK apartments for sale in Goa, you will have a place from where you will never have to go back. Prices start at just INR 43.49 lakhs only. A huge spacious home to live and thrive in, a safe and hygienic haven per your needs and specifications, facilities ranging from luxury to necessity available at your disposal, Aroha Goa by Provident Housing is a dream come true. Conveniently located, equipped with numerous luxury and entertainment options, this place will make your vacation an exciting life-long journey.

While we may not be able to control how the world changes around us, we can still make sure that we thrive by making the best possible choices for ourselves. We are not meant to be cooped up inside counting days in fear, we are meant to go out and experience life. This is one of the best ways for you and your family to enjoy a change in pace and scenery, while also being responsible citizens.

The options are endless, from being your home away from home to helping you unwind, an adventure to start a new chapter in your life or the undeniable benefit of owning a property in one of the best locations, you could not go wrong with this place.

Choose Aroha Goa by Provident Housing and say yes to an endless adventure.


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Aroha Goa: Dabolim, Central Goa

Equidistant from North Goa and South Goa Just 10 minutes drive from the current Airport. Just 10 min from NH66 – Mumbai – Goa – Kochi highway.


Candolim Beach
55 minutes away


  • · 3 kms from Vasco
  • · 6.1 kms from Goa International Airport
  • · 22 kms from Old Goa
  • · 26 kms from Panjim
  • · 37 kms from Fort Aguda

Candolim Beach
55 minutes away

  • . 36.6 kms from Calangute Beach
  • . 39.4 kms from Baga Beach
  • · 34.2 kms from Candolim Beach
  • . 23.3 kms from Colva Beach


Banquet Services, Restaurants and more.


Goan outside, Modern inside



Checkout the Blu Water Zone, Techno game zone, Food & Beverages. Explore Goa with Tandem Bicycles



Subscription-based hospitality services inside your apartment.

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Class in every task

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  • Multiple Pools
  • Sunken Bar
  • Jacuzzi Aqua
  • Slides Snorkeling
  • Zone Lazy River
  • Aqua Gym
  • Signature
  • Drenching
  • Fountain

The Aroha Pool


Sunken Bar


Snorkeling Zone


Aqua Gym


Aqua Slides




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At Aroha Goa, everything you need is just a walk away. Be it your shopping needs, catching up with friends over coffee, or even a dinner out with the family. In short, once in, you may just never have to leave the gates of Aroha Goa ever again.

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Homes at Aroha Goa are the perfect mix of efficient design and planning with abundance of features for the extra ordinary living and to indulge you in better life. Aroha Goa brings you a home that is nestled in the peace and tranquility of the sea breeze that encapsulates Goa.

A state that is be speckled with Portuguese architecture and countless beautiful beaches makes Aroha the perfect vacation home for you to Refresh, Relax and Rejuvenate.
A home dedicated to offering a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


When you buy a home at Aroha Goa, you get access to the best that Goa has to offer. While the quality and reliability of construction in these homes are second to none, they also present a unique opportunity to you, Through a partnership with Tripvilla.

Tripvilla gives you the opportunity to rent out your home in Aroha Goa when you are away from it. Tripvilla comes with individual and pool renting options, ensuring that your home in Goa can bring you returns even when you aren't enjoying it yourself.

Let them speak their heart out


Adora de Goa is the perfect blend of Portuguese architecture & Indian emotions. And this unique consumption was made a reality by the unconditional faith of Provident, a Puravankara

Najeeb Khan
Founder & Managing Director, KGD Architecture

ROW 7 & 8 : PRGO07201071, ROW 10, ROW 11 & ROW 12: PRGO02180009 | ROW 14: PRGO07180544 | ROW 13: PRGO07180560 | ROW 15: PRGO07180561 | ROW 16: PRGO07180562 MIXED-USE BLOCK: PRGO07180578 | ROW 17 & ROW: 18 PRGO02180031 | ROW 2 & ROW: 3 PRGO07180577 | ROW 4: PRGO09180612

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  3. Views from each apartment will vary based on location, direction and orientation of an apartment and Promoter makes no representations nor provides any assurances with regards to views.
  4. The project is sanctioned as a mixed use development comprising commercial and residential developments, under S1 and C1 settlement zones, as described in applicable development control regulations. It is possible that use of units located in one or more blocks as serviced apartments or managed residences would require licensing from relevant municipal authorities.
  5. The right to access or use certain amenities may be subscription-based or otherwise regulated in accordance with applicable bye-laws, rules or regulations.
  6. The Blu may consist of multiple amenities, to the extent permitted under applicable law. Commencement and completion of developing these amenities will be in accordance with phase-wise development determined by the Promoter. You are advised to refer to the development plan for each phase to ascertain the schedule of completion for one or more of the amenities.
  7. Promoter will form multiple societies for management of buildings in the Project in accordance with the Goa Cooperative Societies Act, 2001 and Rules, 2003. Details of how these societies will be structured will be contained in the agreement for sale.
  8. Right of management of some common areas deemed necessary for overall upkeep and maintenance of the Project and its use in accordance with the scheme originally envisaged by Promoter, will be reserved and retained by Promoter.
  9. The Promoter makes no representation on yeilds/returns from any property/apartment. Buyers are requested to exercse their individual diligence while buying an apartment.
  10. In order to facilitate better usage of amenities and facilities at Adora de Goa for residents across all commercial and residential developments, the Promoter, at an appropriate time, may propose to execute and register a conditional lease of the project land, to a federation/apex body of association of apartments/blocks/tower/phase or as may be required under applicable by-laws, details of which shall be laid out in the Agreement for Sale.
  11. ‘Zone by The Park’, ‘The Park’, and ‘Park’ (‘Brands’) are registered trademarks of Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels Limited (‘ASPHL’). Provident Housing Limited (‘Developer’) uses the brands under a license, which is limited in duration and is conditional upon the terms agreed by developer under the license agreement. For any and all offerings in purchase or marketing materials, developer shall solely be responsible without any recourse to ASPHL in any manner whatsoever.
  12. The Five Fixture Home Spa comes complimentary with all Balinese Spa Residences at Adora De Goa. The devices are procured by Provident Housing from third-party vendors. Like any other home device, they have to be used with care and do need periodic maintenance and repair. These five fixtures of a home spa are excluded from the Developer’s Defect Period Liability but will duly fall within the ambit of the warranties, if any, provided by the manufacturers.

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