Customers are permitted to pay only the booking amount of Rs 27000 for Provident towards the purchase of a unit / apartment through this online payment gateway, for which no transaction processing charges will be levied by Puravankara/ Provident. For any payments other than the booking amount Rs 27000 for regular payments made through this online payment gateway, a processing fee of 2.0% of the transaction amount shall be levied by Puravankara/Provident on the customer.

Customer are permitted to cancel their booking of a unit/ apartment without any penal charges, provided their cancellation request is made prior to the signing/ execution of a physical application form/ relevant agreements. All refund in such cases will be processed only through the online refund process.

Customers who don’t regularise their booking by completing necessary formalities, will be refunded their booking amount on receipt of refund request received from the customer with-in 30 days. All booking, will be deemed as not interested and result in release of blocked units, with the recall of the price offered, after 15 days from the date of booking.