T oday is my daughter’s first day at school. Just came back from her school after the school gate was closed. Can’t imagine how time flew by!

Seems like just a few days back when she was born and I could literally hold her in my palms, she was so small and tender. And now Arika, my little princess has grown old enough to go to school! And I’m sure enough that a day will come when she might say goodbye to us and travel abroad for higher studies. No matter how much I try to be the strong Papa to her, such thoughts moisten my eyes.

Just after she was born I was promoted as a Senior Manager. As we all know working in the mid manager level in a MNC, has its own responsibilities and claims a toll on your personal life. I used to leave home early in the morning to dodge the morning traffic to reach office on time and would invariably get held up in meetings until late in the evening.

By the time I used to come back home, Arika used to be in deep sleep same as morning. I used to feel very bad. I was not able to be the father that I always longed to be. Though, Arpita, my wife never complained about it, I could see that she was managing our home singlehandedly, with little help from me. My life used to revolve around my office and the route from our rented home at Koramangala to my office in Electronic city. We planned to buy an apartment near Electronic city, but whatever choice we had were way above our envisaged budget.

Then one fine day in office Mr. Shastry came up with the discussion and told that he has bought a home in a property called Sunworth, near Electronic city. The price was affordable and the builder was renowned, PROVIDENT Housing, from Puravankara group. Arpita and I paid a visit to their project site and had a long discussion with the sales executive at their marketing office. The model apartment was really good; so much of sunlight even at 4:30-5:00pm! The executive explained us that the project was being built with European Pre-Cast concrete technology by L&T. The gentleman also shared a list of amenities that were going to come within the project. By the time we went back home we could hardly remember more than 5 of the amenities! But we were pretty sure that we did a right and fruitful investment that day.

It has been almost 5 years that we have shifted to our SW home and I cannot think of one reason not to love it. Now I do not need to spend hours in cleaning my car every weekend or go running from one shop to another for monthly groceries or search like a hawk to find an ATM to withdraw money in emergency. Our SW home has almost every feature to take care of our daily necessities. Arpita joined back to job after almost a year. She literally left all hope of joining back given the fact that we didn’t have anyone to take care of Arika in her absence. We were relieved to know that there is a crèche within the project premises.

Now we both get a lot of quality time to spend with Arika. She just loves to run along the elevated walkways and play around the tree house! I could see happiness gushing in Arpita’s face when Arika and I splash around in the swimming pool. Whenever my parents or my in laws come they love the freshness and expansive openness of the project. We all enjoy so much during the community festivals; it gives us a feel of the life back in our native. And, yeah, how can I even forget, how Arpita was literally dancing on her toes when she got to know that there is a salon and a fully functional gym within the project premises. In fact for the last few years I have made it a point to jog every day morning; it helps me beat work related stress and live a healthy life. At Provident outdoors make a home as much as the indoors.

It is not just the 3BHK apartment that we bought; we got a lot more than just a home. Our lives are blessed with a lot of happiness, laughter and peace. We live our life in style.

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