We are a housing company committed to innovate, design and engineer upmarket homes at an affordable price.

Want to be a part of the discerning ‘Future Ready’ clientele?

Meet the exuberant, Mr. & Mrs. Akshay Ramesh who have booked their first home at Provident Sunworth. And you know why?

“Provident Sunworth has used the innovative Pre-cast technology to build stronger homes to provide a better future for families.” The couple gushes on animatedly: “We are overjoyed and excited with our first step towards the future because of our future ready home.”

Like them, several other investors have every reason to smile… Provident Sunworth’s “Stronger, Smoother and Faster” Future Ready Homes are built on the highly advanced European Precast Technology which is way ahead of conventional construction. The technology brings with it: faster construction, consistent top quality, noise and fire resistant, stronger and denser concrete walls and an exceptional surface finish. A welcome leap into the future!

Mr. Karthik was floored with Provident Sunworth because of its “Class, quality and plenty of space.” He adds: “The best amenities and greenery surrounding the property are add-ons that drew me to this property.”

Set amidst 59 acres of lush green space off Mysore Road, Sunworth is within proximity of  the IT and MNC sectors – close to NICE junction near Rajarajeshwari Medical College, leading  educational institutions, hospitals, industrial hubs, entertainment zones and tech parks. Well connected to Electronic City, Bannerghatta Road and Tumkur Road, Sunworth is just 19 kms from the City Railway Station. This locale has endeared itself to many techies looking for proximity to workplace.

On the other hand, Mr. Shyam was drawn into investing in Sunworth mainly because of “the hospitality of the team, the feel good factor and the exceptional warmth and attention shown by the members of the Provident team.” “The time spent in explaining precast technology and the Sunworth’s lifestyle amenities, proved their concern for customers.”

In the same strain, Mr. Bharadwaj and family who booked a 3BHK house feel that “Buying a dream home is an emotional experience. Provident Sunworth has delivered the best customer service to the buyer while making this important decision.” “I was truly impressed,” he adds with a candid smile.

Provident Sunworth homes come replete with multiple lifestyle amenities – spacious and contemporary interiors, landscaped pathways, artistic exteriors and environment-friendly techniques. Provident Sunworth homes are indeed, Future Ready.

Welcome to Provident Sunworth ‘Future Ready’ homes.  Call for a walkthrough.

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We are a housing company committed to innovate, design and engineer upmarket homes at an affordable price.

“The criteria for my dream home - reliability and cost. Provident provided both!”

When Software Engineer Shashidhar Kulkarni embarked on his career, it was a natural corollary that he would want to invest in a home of his own. Like most Bangloreans, the very thought was intimidating- what with the astronomical apartment prices skyrocketing by the day…. “It was a deterrent and the very thought of doing a recee always put me off.” But it didn’t take Shashi long to realize that the longer the wait, the higher the price escalation. And ultimately, he would have to be satisfied with just renting an apartment. This was not a happy proposition for him.

“With this realization I started searching for my dream home. There were two main criteria that I was looking for to clinch the deal-reliability and cost. Everywhere I experienced that builders who were not reliable or the apartments were incredibly overpriced.”

As all good things which are meant to be, just happen, my relatives and friends suggested Provident Harmony. With much hesitation, I approached the authorities and voila! I was instantly hooked.

Provident homes come replete with multiple lifestyle amenities. With spacious and contemporary interiors, landscaped pathways, artistic exteriors, security measures and environment-friendly techniques, the cost is unbelievable.

“The testimonials from buyers speak volumes of the reliability of Provident, the Housing giants. I got to hear only good things about this Housing Company. And the ambience is synonymous with the name. Indeed, Provident Harmony, institutes the idea of ‘Harmonious Living.’”

“My decision to book the apartment was instant. And I am happy. I made the best decision of my life by buying my dream home at Provident.”

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We are a housing company committed to innovate, design and engineer upmarket homes at an affordable price.

Provident has proved that good quality needn’t come at an expensive price

‘‘…Expensive Features yet inexpensively Priced, …’’

I had been on a house hunt for almost close to a year. I used to scan all the property sites on the net and go through all the newspaper ads – and yes, I did find many apartments in Bangalore that were to my liking. It had all the specifications and amenities on my wish list. The catch, however was the exorbitant price; beyond my reach.

Until one day, I chanced upon this ad of Provident Sunworth in Times of India. It said, “Homes with expensive features, yet inexpensively priced.”  Ah, that seemed like the perfect home that I was looking for. The headline was persuasive enough for me to read the full ad.

The ad listed out the expensive features that Sunworth was offering. From two lifts in each tower (I thought this was a prerogative of only high-end apartments), to emulsion paint to premium vitrified flooring and UPVC windows –the specifications seemed as good as any luxury home in Bangalore.

Space, which is a premium feature – figured prominently in Sunworth. The gap between two apartments was a good 75 feet!  And the apartment itself was spread over a large area of 59 acres; out of which, more than 75% was open space!

Whilst most other apartments had just one Clubhouse; Sunworth had not one or two, but three clubhouses – and hold your breath, three swimming pools! All this for just Rs 26 lakhs! I bought it with eyes closed! The price has now appreciated – and that makes me doubly delighted – that my asset is priced much more than what I paid for.

I give a big thumbs up for Sunworth. I recommend the same to anyone who wants a good quality home but isn’t willing to pay a fortune.


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We are a housing company committed to innovate, design and engineer upmarket homes at an affordable price.

Then one fine day I decided to buy an apartment for myself and started searching for one which will fit in my budget. Whichever apartment I liked all were way beyond my budget. At last I saw one hoarding about Ready to Move in apartments in Welworth City.

The clock ticked 10am. Lazily I walked up to the window and pushed the curtain aside. It was a gloomy and cloudy day; unlike a typical Bangalore morning. I pushed the window pane a little aside and a cold soft breeze brushed my still sleepy face. With blinking eyes I looked over to the basket ball court below – empty and soaked in soft dews of last night! Sitting by the window I was lost in thought; how every Sunday mornings of my teen days used to be filled with sheer excitement of the game and the deliciously sumptuous lunch made by my mom. My school days came alive in front of my eyes once again.

Trying to hide the sigh from no one in particular I trudged towards the kitchen and made myself a cup of piping hot coffee. Put the clothes for wash in the utility area and ‘Yeah!’ I am done with my household chores!

With lazy slack steps I walked towards the balcony, dragged a chair and sat with my cup of coffee. The inebriating puff of the caffeinated drink rejuvenated my memory. How in childhood at Mangalore I used to play cricket in small gullies. Every time any one of us hit a six, noise of broken glasses will reverberate from the neighbourhood house.

At the age of eighteen when I shifted to Bangalore to pursue Engineering degree, I left my cherished memories of Mangalore behind. I used to hear from my Dad that Bangalore used to be a very calm, quiet, clean and green city. But my experience of Bangalore is awfully different from what I heard from Dad. Every passing year in this city, made it tough for me to find any good reason to justify the sobriquet ‘Garden City’.

Every day when I rode my bike from Sanjaynagar towards my office at Manyata Tech-park, pushed me to the edge of tolerance. I started to hate everything about this city – the horrific traffic, pollution, cacophony, rain, my rented house, the land lord – everything. I almost forgot how I used to enjoy the monsoon rains!

Then one fine day I decided to buy an apartment for myself and started searching for one which will fit in my budget. Whichever apartment I liked all were way beyond my budget. At last I saw one hoarding about Ready to Move in apartments in Welworth City. And here I am, sitting peacefully with a cup of coffee in hand…

Suddenly I felt cold droplets of water on my face and hand. With a nudge I came back from my Sunday morning déjà vu and realized that the monsoon rain has already started to pour on the City. The pattering sound of thick and heavy rain drops falling lustily from the green leaves composed soothing orchestra of true ecstasy. And I felt inside that I have started to like the rain once again! Thank you PROVIDENT Welworth City for help bringing my past self back again.

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